Window cleaners are overrated.

Had to paint the window for Christmas, other windows in the house have had a makeover too. Beats cleaning them.

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  1. It’s beautiful – lovely to do something that will give pleasure to passers by too!

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  2. It’s lovely; so nice that it will give passers by pleasure too.

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  3. How clever. And adorable. You must have happy neighbors!

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  4. I think it looks absolutely… BEAUTIFUL! And I love it! 😉 xxx

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  5. I think it looks absolutely beautiful and unique! 😉 xxx

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  6. Love your thinking. If one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Then unclear windows are perfectly good for painting over!

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  7. That dog really looks entertained with your window cleaning. I’m sure he was good help. I like how your artwork always seems to potray every day life.

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  8. Wow! That’s so amazing! Imagine if everyone painted their windows! It would be a pleasure to walk down the street.

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