La de dah.

Hark at me getting the landscaping done in my garden.

Frannie is planning a moonscape (or dogscape) she hasn’t decided yet. It’s obviously going to have mostly two foot deep craters as Frannie loses interest and moves along to the next virgin patch of grass once she’s dug the thing. My ankles are really loving the new rugged terrain.

Another question. Why does the laundry pile grow in the spring? Because everyone has outgrown their clothes again and nothing fits so everyone throws out said clothes to be washed and for me to put it back once dry and the cycle continues…

Did I mention I’ve illustrated a book?

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  1. Yeah on the book. You must be doing something right lol! Keep it up girl.

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  2. Congratulations on your book.

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  3. So cool about the book. The first of many. Talent needs to be recognised.

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    • I’m happy to be able to draw, my blog was and always will be my happy place where I get to do what I love. If I could go back and tell the seven year old furiously stapling her book of dog drawings with cheap office paper, I’d like that very much. It’s very lovely.

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  4. Congrats!! So love your art and commentaries. Always makes me smile.

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  5. Very cool about the book!

    Laundry never ends.

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