Todays the day.

Bob the Dog Get’s a Job by Tracey Hammet and illustrated by myself is published today!

Steve the chicken enjoying Bob the Dog

It’s a gorgeous picture book story for young children about Bob the Dog and Pat the Cat who are the best of friends. Bob is a super busy dog, Pat is Pat, a cat, who does just that.

It’s an adventure in ice cream with all sorts of interesting people who they meet along the way.

I’ve had a great time developing the characters, I hope you enjoy it. It’s available through Graffeg or in all good independent book shops and online book sellers. If you are outside the United Kingdom, I would suggest you try Book Depository for world wide shipping.

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  1. Fantastic! I hope it does well!

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  2. There is a copy of your book wending its way to Australia as we speak (very slowly, The Book Depository straps books to the back of a tortoise and points it in the general direction of Australia). We have neighbours who have an excellent dog named Bob. These days, he is being wheeled around the streets in a dog version of a pram (his head sticks out of the top of the contraption). He is one of those medium-sized bouncy dogs, and he works as a therapy dog with his mistress, who is a psychologist. Unfortunately, Bob damaged a ligament and is out of action for eight weeks (many football jokes were flying around when we met up). We will show Bob’s parents your book before we give it to our grandchildren. You must be very proud of your achievement.

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    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I sincerely hope Bob is feeling better soon. I did chuckle a little at your description as my brain instantly converts things like that to images.
      Best wishes, hopefully the book will arrive in 2022 👍👍

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  3. I am so happy for you! This would be the perfect thing to entice my great granddaughter to bring my great great granddaughter to visit. I’d love to share it with her.

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  4. Nice Illustration, it looks like a very good childrens book. I really like the illustration with dog vaccuming and the cat laying on the chair.

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  5. Hi !
    I am writing a children book, and can I ask you about if you would like to illustrate it? I love your style watercolours. I don’t really worry if my book makes it, as it’s a bucket list of things I like to achieve.. hope you can help!


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