Thank you.

Just one woman with a pen and a sketch book who still really doesn’t have a clue how she thinks of the world. I guess that’s real honest drawing, I’ll figure it out. I always have perceived my world through these lines. Mistakes after mistakes. Processing and redrawing. I drew Bonnie after six goes, it helped me to do so.

On difficult days the only way for me to process events is to draw. A language in itself of sense.
I’m deeply grateful for all your well wishes regarding Bonnie’s passing, you’re all in it with me, some of you for ten years now. It’s not the Never Ending story though, it’s my life on concrete streets and there’s no dragons I’m afraid.
Just this cat who really is going to be the death of me. I make no apologies for the anatomical mess in this drawing, I will look like that if she gets me one day. Much love.

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  1. So glad to see you are still fighting the good fight, even if it is with the contents of the laundry basket in your hands instead of a trusty sword! And there are ALWAYS dragons my love… it’s just a question of looking in the right way, and there they are… 😉 xxxxxxxx

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  2. “Bob The Dog’ arrived a lot faster than I expected. We love it, of course. Have been a bit crook, so I haven’t arranged to get a photo with our Bob and his parents, but I’ll get there. Losing a dog is about as harrowing as it gets. People who haven’t experienced this look at us as though we have lost it. We miss our Honey, and it has been a couple of years now. Hang in there. Terry and Dianne.

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  3. That’s one naughty kitty. I have one of those as well xxx

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  4. Was gutted to see your post about Bonnie. Followed your page from beginning (even saw a comment where I said Connor was born on 11.11.12 and he’s coming up to 10)!
    So much love to you all xxx

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  5. Aww this is so sad I’ve followed you for well seems like forever- much love xx


  6. You must be a wonderful mum. The empathy!

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