Fa la la.

Yes it has been quiet here hasn’t it but one pair of hands I have and trust me, I’m very good at burning food and leaving ingredients out of cakes this time of year. Hectic rushing does indeed send me into a headless chicken state.

Yes Frannie can indeed sleep two legged. This is her version of staying off the sofa.

Yes the cats sleep like that, how else does a cat sleep? Please let me know if your cat sleeps in a sensible spot.

Yes my teenager is far superior at decorating a trifle than I will ever be.

Yes Millie is at university and I’m still shocked about that but she’s home and there is washing but smiles too.

I wish you a peaceful time and with much love because it is always better than sprouts.


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  1. BlueAngelDiverGirl

    Wishing you & yours a loving healthy happy Christmas πŸŽ„ 😊 πŸ’— πŸ’•

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  2. Didn’t know Millie had gone to Uni… gosh how time flies! I hope you all have a wonderful Happy Christmas Angie, and all the very best to you all, always! God Bless my love! xxxxxxx

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  3. Nice Christmas time paintings. lol, the dog sleeping next to the Christmas Tree.

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  4. Have a fun Christmas with your family and pets.

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  5. Happy family time from mine to yours.
    Terry, Dianne and Zed the dog

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  6. Seasons Greetings to you and your family Doodlemom
    Your talent leaves me amazed
    May you be blessed and joyful always!
    Dheera from India

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  7. Merry Christmas lady! Enjoy your crazy chaos full of love! No one’s lives are perfect ya know…. Just perfectly wonderful! Thank you for the peeks into your life. I always enjoy them. Ellen

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  8. Happy holidays! Adorable illustrations. Also, yes on how cats sleep. They can find the comfiest spot to curl up in, but they can really just doze off anywhere, draped over anything/anyone.

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