Monthly Archives: February 2023


Crows, lines and rain.

My dog walks have gained two additions.

Meet my two new corvid friends. I’ve been made honorary human in the great sausage and cheese crow supply chain. These two have been following me for a few months, flying over when I enter the park because they know I carry treats for Frannie.

They will come within a few steps of me now. The most beautiful pair, one is slightly bigger and more bossier. Frannie is getting slowly used to them as they follow us around the park waiting for something tasty to be thrown in their direction.

Sofa scraper.



Brace, brace, brace.

Still life on cushions.

Hair of the dog.

A year of pictures.

I got lost in my pages for a bit there.

I think I will for a bit longer.

Posts will be images for the moment as I would like a return to what I love doing best, drawing what is around me and what no one else sees. Something that is mine. Something I have done from a very small little girl that is, inherently me.

Enjoy the lines. I’ll post everything, mistakes and tea spills.

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