Yoo Hoo!

Hello, you’ve stumbled across my life!

My name is Angie Stevens I’m now a grown up of forty two years old and this is my blog. As you can see it’s mostly drawn. A visual representation of my life! Go on take a peek, it won’t hurt…I started it when my youngest was only nine months old and I was in my own little box of foggy, sleep deprived misery.

Lots of manic musings and drawings regarding my life and other such things, it really is a laugh although sometimes it may be me that’s the only one laughing…..This is my blog, a daily record of my life. I’m married and live in a little world of jaffa cakes and lego. I’ve been drawing this blog for nearly five years now. I started as a means of coping with crippling post natal depression and do you know what? It bloody worked!Β  I draw most days and I’m showing no signs of stopping. Thanks to this blog, I’m now a published author so from very small beginnings come big things. Thank you for stopping by.
Well go on then! Go and look or I’ll start writing….or even worse, talking….

  1. Hi Angie…it’s Debbie “Saturday- training- in- Singleton- Park -with- Gwerin” Tamplin aka Debs!! Loving the blog….the illustrations are GORGEOUS!! You really should get some books published. Hope Millie, Evie & Gruff are bringing you much joy as always & that you & Miles are well, has the cold gone? Will miss you on Saturday as we have the “Big Day of Moving” but I shall see you the following week armed with wand as promised!!

    Take care, bye for now
    Debs xxx

    • Thank you! Welcome to my blog, I hope you comeback to see what we’re all up to in my little microcosm of Mummy chaos!

      • Just need to let you know what it’s come to – my 7 y/o daughter is asking, “Mom! Can we please look up doodlemum?” hilarious. she surf’s your blog now all on her own. keep on!

      • Ooops sorry about the recent shopping post….Millie reads my sketchbooks to her younger sister and I hear them both roaring laughing. I’m glad they can laugh at me and they think it’s hilarious they’ve become characterised. I’m very glad she likes them!

  2. Fantastic sketches! What a great way to sort out the events of the day and share them with the world.

  3. Do you sell your illustrations?

  4. I’ve just fallen in love with your doodles and there’s one in particular that could’ve been done for me and my boys. email me marketingtomilk@yahoo.co.uk would love to find out more. x

  5. Hi Angie, just got the link off Cath and thought I’d take a look… and I’m so very impressed love, the illustrations are fantastic… plus it’s a great “window on your world”… which is clearly full of love (plus a few nappies no doubt)! πŸ˜€

    A very belated “Happy Birthday” to you… and I hope you are feeling much better now.

    Lots of love and hugs,

    Sean. xxx

    • Hello lovely! Thank you, it’s a great way for me to continue drawing in the few minutes I get of an evening although it will get better once Gruff looses interest in my pens and sketchbooks….. I hope you enjoy them. πŸ˜‰ Loads of love. Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • I think it’s a brilliant idea… and clearly Gruff agrees… πŸ˜€
        And the kids are gorgeous by the way, although I can see you have your hands full!
        Keep up the good work (I’ve subscribed… so I’ll be keeping up ok).
        Much love to you all,
        Sean. xxxxx

  6. Hi Angie
    Sarena and Jo told me about the blog so just started following, I love it and think your doodles are fantastic, also another perspective on the kids I see in school!!! lol if I could draw as well as you would have a go myself…….ooooeeerrr
    Liz T

    • aha!!!!! It’s you!!!! I knew you were familiar to me…. Glad you’re enjoying, It’s been an ideal solution to keeping the old drawing hand in while they’re so young and I’m enjoying doing it. Glad you like it! Angie x

  7. just discovered your blog through marketingtomilk’s tweet. I love it already πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Angie
    I have just found your blog. Absolutely bloody fantastic. What an incredible talent. I am so excited to be part of it now. I look forward to loads more. Lots of love

    Alex @ DoingitallforAleyna xxxxx

  9. Absolutely amazing! My husband and I are both looking at each other thinking if only we could draw like that.

    Really beautiful illustrations!

  10. I love this – what a brilliant idea. And you manage to do that in 10-minute spots through the day? Stunning! Really lovely illustrations. Do you do book illustrations at all? I work in educational publishing and these would really go down a treat in some of the books I’ve worked on (note that it’s not normally down to me to do the commissioning, but could point people your way if you’d be interested, or indeed have the time!).

  11. Hey, just found you via a tweet. LOVE your work. Would you consider doing a sketch for me to use as a header on my blog (it needs a revamp!), if so, drop me an email and let me know how much you’d like xx

  12. Hi Angie, this is genius. I have mentioned you to my literary agent. Can’t promise anything at all but would you mind emailing me with your full contact details just in case she is interested? Many thanks, Nick

  13. Yours is my new favourite blog – just brilliant. I love the vacuum cleaner one – my boys call ours the dragon and attack it with foam swords while I clean πŸ™‚

    • Thank you and welcome to my world. Well you’ve got a great solution to dusting there, just stick some feathers on the end of the swords and they could dust whilst you vacuum. Who said I couldn’t do cleaning tips as well eh?

  14. Hi – just wanted to say how fantastic I think your blog is – your illustrations are so brilliantly quirky and emotive. They always make my day, so much joy in the lines! all the best –

  15. I LOVE this! Great drawings – love the cat, obviously! I really like your style and the humor of everyday life you put into it. πŸ™‚

  16. I LOVE your blog. πŸ™‚ I think it’s awesome that you can take simple things and find one thing to draw everyday. Life is so great. I look forward to viewing your blog in the future.

  17. I seem a bit late to the party, but better late than never, as they say! And I’m now a subscriber too… Don’t do that often, either.

  18. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed πŸ™‚ Although it looks like this should have happened sooner. I love the drawings. Kids do the funniest things. I found Blurb.com which allows you to publish your own books (I’m working on a cook book amidst the other million things), maybe that would help you.

  19. Hi! Came across your blog via Freshly pressed! Just wanted to say congratulations on being FP and that I really do love your drawings! For some reason it reminds me of old children books!! πŸ™‚

  20. These are great drawings Angie – you have a very particular style which I think really suits the subject matter. I take my hat off to you for finding time in your day to do these – I’m trying to find more time for artistic pursuits myself and it’s always a struggle. They’re a delight to look at and I will certainly come back to see new one’s and to enjoy more of the sketches already here. Well done – keep it up!

    • Thank you so much and welcome. When you make it part of your day, it becomes something you look forward to. It also has a knock on effect on your own creativity so draw as much as you can, no matter how tired, it will only get better and better.

  21. I love it! It’s funny and smart. I’m on the other side of the world and I can almost hear the voices of you children. Photos are great record keepers but nothing can capture the emotion and joy of a family like art created by a parent. The moments you capture of your family will never happen just that way again and for you to share that with others is so generous.

    I have been so busy caring for my kids, I almost forgot to care about the time I have with them. You have inspired me to pick up my pencils again and take a look at what I have.

    Thank you.

  22. Jessica Permatasari

    Cute blog…
    It’s my luck to find your blog while I’m browsing. I’m getting bored of looking for teaching materials. And here I am, enjoying a unique blog…^.^
    I love the sketches.
    AWESOME! ^.^
    May I copy show them to my little nieces and nephews? (Or someday to my children)

    • Hello, and welcome. Copyright is a funny old issue lovely. I would look at my creative commons license for my terms of use. Of course you can show them to your family but obviously reproducing them for commercial gain is a no no. So glad you like them!

  23. Adorable! You’re great Angie! πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Doodlemum, I wrote a children’s story and wanted to get it illustrated. I’d be interested in your fees per illustration, if that is something you do. Do you have a site that lists information of this nature?

  25. Oh boy, I wish I could draw as well as you do. Your pictures are definitely worth more than a thousand words. There is just something so endearing about them…must be because they are drawn with love πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing and so glad I found your blog!

  26. Just stopped by to browse some more;) Your sketches are just so good, I think you should do a comic strip or something!

  27. just discovered your blog and i wanted to tell me that you are my idol! i am raving about your blog on my blog tomorrow, i hope that is ok!

    • Hello raver! You rave away but don’t give me a big head because if I can’t get out the door then Millie doesn’t get too school….welcome too πŸ™‚

  28. I really love your blog, it has really inspired me. I hope you don’t mind me putting a link on my latest post. Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  29. I wish I could draw like you.

    • That’s a start! Now go grab some paper and some pens and have a go, we all started somewhere, it’s a case of practice, practice, practice. Have a look at my earlier stuff, see how it’s changing? I think the best way with drawing is to just make a start with an idea in mind and see where you get to…drawing evolves and no drawing is ever the best, it could always be better.

  30. You still continue to produce one of the most enjoyable blogs around! Please keep up the fantastic work!

  31. Hi, I love your doodles. I’ve just come across your blog for the first time and I’ll definitely be back. Looking forward to seeing more. πŸ™‚

  32. Your drawings have personality and capture moments in time. Wow! Jane

  33. I LOVE, love, love this. I often get very torn between writing and drawing and end up doodling and sketching, and then scribbling words in the margins of my sketchbooks. I love your visual representation of your life and motherhood!! Gruff with the magnifying glass had me cracking up!!! You do childhood its due justice. Great work.


    • Thank you and welcome. Your sketchbook can be anything you want it to be. There are so many pages in mine that aren’t finished nor completed but they get me somewhere I need to be. Always a good journey to be on πŸ™‚

  34. So glad I followed a post on facebook, to find you πŸ™‚ amazing talent – definately turn it into a book / calender etc, id buy it for myself, my mum and fellow mums.

  35. What art supplies do you use?
    Your art is reminiscent of Quentin Blake, one of my all-time favs!

  36. This blog is beautiful and fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Hi Doodlemum, mentioned you in our blog today: http://peachfarmstudio.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/sketchbook-love-unite/ Keep up the great sketches!

  38. absolutely love your drawings!! Is blogging easy?

  39. Ooooh, I love the style, wonderful doodles.. Good to have stumbled upon your blog then, right? I’ll be following you around for a while πŸ™‚

  40. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award – http://lemonstree.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/doodle-awards-fantasmagol-bloggers/ as I appreciate your blogs so much πŸ™‚

    • Probably she doesn’t like prizes, I also gave her the same award in February and she didn’t even notice it… 😦

      • I did notice lovely, and I’m sure I thanked you for it at the time too.
        I hope you weren’t too miffed that I didn’t participate in the carrying on of the award scheme.
        You are right, I don’t take part in such schemes but it wasn’t meant to hurt your feelings.
        I hope you didn’t take it personally. Much love. xxx

  41. I really don’t mind if you didn’t carry on the award scheme, but I would have really appreciated a little comment from you at that time. I’m absolutely sure the only comment from you I have on my blog is the one you left 2 hours ago. Never mind, I know you are very busy with your large family. I didn’t take it personally even if I would have loved a notice from you (at least for education). Anyway, I still keep loving your blog and your drawings.

  42. What kind of supplies do you generally use to make work?

  43. Hello, Doodlemum. It’s a pleasure to inform you that you’ve been nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here’s the link: http://thesofisworld.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/my-first-nomination-one-lovely-blog-award/
    Super smuack!!!

  44. drawingsofdubiousquality

    Your drawings are great!

  45. OOHHHH how absolutely delightful! IΒ΄ve just stumbled across your blog for the first time and IΒ΄m seriously impressed with your talent for drawing. IΒ΄m hopeless at it – canΒ΄t even draw a straight line with a ruler! Great job, well done.

  46. Just stopping by to say, that seeing your posts always makes my day.
    You capture wonderful honest moments from life as a Mom.
    Well done, dear.

  47. What a fantastic blog discovery today! How I wish I could have just a wee bit of that talent to illustrate some of my garden and toddler dramas! As a random question, do you like chickens, or more to the point, would you care to draw some for a wee kids book? πŸ™‚

  48. Please find an agent and publisher!!!! Reminds me of some lovely children’s books I used to enjoy when I was little. Even in the digital era, there is still something special about a book to flick through πŸ™‚

  49. The daily mail is a questionable publishing but I love when it directs me to fab things like this. i should be working but Ive been looking at your drawings instead they have utterly made my day and I have subscribed now so I dont get sacked πŸ™‚ you and your family are wonderful. I now want to go to the beach x

  50. Amazing drawings that will stay with you for a lifetime!

    • Also i’m training to be a teacher and I think these drawings would work really well in a school, catching the humorous life of children within the classroom

  51. Lynda Bradshaw

    Brilliant! brightens up the day.

  52. just read in the mirror. Wow what an amazing beautiful idea from love and talent! Wish I could draw my children dread school creative events! What a wonderful legacy for your children and fun every day. Inspirational mama x

  53. Excellent gorgeous illustrations you’ve made me realise how little I draw these days… Time to dig out the pencils. thanks for sharing x

  54. I just landed here from The Daily What – this is fantastic. love love love what you’re doing.

  55. I always wanted a daily photo of our two, but my husband’s idea was 36 shots on one day, pick the best and don’t take any more for six weeks!(or months) If only I could draw! Thank you so much for letting us share your life through these enchanting sketches!

  56. Hi Angie just stumbled on your blg I think its fantastic ,Its so lovely to let you share your life with us a typical organised chaos lovely just love it keep it up .Im now an avid follower.Love Cilla Lewis Cardigan West Wales. Using ( Mike my partners FB account page.

  57. Loving your doodles Angie, I had (have!) three children now in their 20’s but your blogs bring back many memories. It may seem hard to kep this up but it is the day to day happenings that are worth recording to look back on. You made me realise I did enjoy the children growing up and miss those times. I am glad you are making the most of it!

  58. I just saw you on Breakfast TV and was captivated. Your pictures are great. As a Mum I can totally relate to the moments you have captured. Funny and wise.

  59. Saw u on bbc breakfast lovely drawings, we need cards/notebooks/mag-bags/ calendars etc..!!! merchandise!!
    good luck& hope to see more..x

  60. just seen you on bb1 wales

    your awesome πŸ™‚

  61. WOW! There fab!

  62. Wonderful life in drawings, brings back so many memories. My favourite blog, just love it. Well done and thanks for the laughter xx

  63. Stephen Snoding

    Hi Doodlemum, just seen you on the telly and laughed. Love you doodlings remind of the Roald Dahl books. More power to your pencil.

  64. Fantastic – loved you and the kids on Breakfast, and your drawings are such a wonderful way of capturing a growing family. My 2 are now 21 and 18 (yikes, where does the time go!) and I enjoy looking back at the photos I took of them over the years. Wish I could draw like you, your pictures capture such emotion and – yes- love.

  65. Fran Collecott-Doe

    I am a very-ish senior citizen Mum. I have just seen you on the tele with your lovely family and couldn’t wait to get onto your site. I was very comforted when I saw Outnumbered and realised our crazy family was not just us and now having seen your lovely drawings has made me realise there are hundreds of families like us out there!! I do hope you have luck in publishing – I am up to adding another book to my collection.

  66. love your drawings..

  67. Saw you in BBC Breakfast! Absolutely love your drawings and now lounging through all your past blogs after a stressful days of children’s birthday parties , only 2 more to go over the next 2 days! My son had better social life than me and my hubby

  68. Saw you and your lovely family on TV this morning, think your doodles are fantastic, keep it up. Can’t wait to see more ! I hope it brings you the recognition you deserve. x

  69. Caroline the Librarian

    Just found you via the BBC – I love your style, it’s so simple and loose and lovely. Your illustrations remind me a bit of Bob Graham, who I also love – he also depicts family scenes with lovely little details all over the place. Have you ever read “Let’s Get a Pup!”,”The Trouble with Dogs” or “Dimity Dumpty”? Anyway, please keep up the great work!

  70. A book please- you sum it all up so beautifully!

  71. Loved seeing your family on tv this morning and thought you have a wonder gift of portraying family life just as it is. I had four under 5s (twins) and I can relate to so much of what you have drawn. I would love to see more but Im not into books so I dont know how you cold do it? Ipictures (rather than tunes)? lol

  72. Read about you on the BBC website and thought I’d come take a look, loving your drawings ^^ We also have a mad dog named Bonnie who gets up to almost the same kinds of mischief as your one! Keep up the good work! ^^

  73. Hi there,

    I just recently saw you on tv the other day and have to say I absolutely love what you are doing! A picture can certainly tell a 1000 words and yours are fabulous! I wish I had your talent, as it is a much more interesting and humorous way of recording daily life. Your children and their children will treasure your drawings for years to come and what a wonderful gift that will be.

    Keep up the good work, you are truly gifted πŸ™‚

  74. I read about you and your blog via the Guardian article via Twitter Angie! Your drawings are so evocative. I get a real sense of what life’s like for you all. Love the feelings of affection and fun that come through amid the normal chaos of family life. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to following your adventures πŸ™‚ kind regards, Carolyn

  75. These are so good. I love looking at them!great work πŸ™‚

  76. Thank you for allowing us..to peek into your world πŸ™‚ How fab is it that you have this great talent…that allows you to share the trials an tribulations of day to day life…most enchanting really…and I bet thise drawings we find most amusing…were the toughest days.. to get through haha..Beautiful work..Thanks for the smiles.Iam a former educator/working in orphanages/children`s cancer wards/kindergardens..and i doodled a bit myself often to..unload the often hard loads of a day..but just not got the ability…to make it work.
    Best wishes and Love to you and yours !

  77. Robyn O'Brian

    Hi there, I seen some of your doodles this weekend in our local paper and a fell in love with them! The first thing I did when I got home is look up ‘doodlemum’ as I was desperate to see more! They are absolutely fantastic! Have you thought about writing an illustrating a children’s book? Great work and looking forward to seeing some more fab doodles x

  78. High-calibre doodling indeed! I saw you on BBC Breakfast and was struck by your work and your story. Keep up the great work and spreading the word about the power of drawing!

  79. Kerry tonkin

    Hiya it’s Lily’s mammy x your sketches are wonderful , I’ve tried to get the news interview back on I player but it’s no longer available 😦

  80. Hi Angie, Neale and I love the blog! As I’m new to this parenting lark it was great to see that your kids are just as bonkers as mine… What is with the window licking by the way, Rhys loves a patio door! Hope something fab comes of all the media coverage, you deserve it. Might go and dust off my paint brushes… x

  81. I love your blog and your drawings. What a wonderful way to capture your family moments.

  82. Hi Angie! Love your drawings and I think it’s great you are getting so much exposure. I mean I am all the way in Canada – the web is great isn’t it!. I hope you think about doing a book – it will be a best seller!

  83. I came across your blog on an article published in a newspaper in India and just love your blog … hope you keep blogging

  84. Hi Doodlemum. Love the blog, reminds me of my hectic scedual. Feels good that I can come here and get a funny spin on things and loose my self in your blogs.

    Candice- BC Canada

  85. I’m a new mom and an elementary school art teacher. I can’t say how much I enjoy looking at your blog at the end of the day. I think your illustrations are just charming and whimsical with their own beauty. Thank you for giving me a smile on my way to bed. Keep it up!

  86. I appreciate the way you share beauty on your blog and I have nominated your blog for Beautiful Blogger Award. If you want to accept the award check my blog, http://thebackdoorartist.com/2012/10/31/beautiful-blogger-award/

  87. I love your pretty doodles very much! I draw and post on my blog too! I would like to ask what did program did you use to draw it? Thanks!

  88. I like your drawings so much! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  89. Hi Angie. It was great to meet you at Solva woollen mill yesterday. Love the blog and thanks for the advice. X

  90. Hi, your drawings and wonderful, subtle observations are really lovely as well as entertaining. I look forward to seeing more

  91. Hi Angie, I’ve just landed on your blog from Jackie Morris’ post. What a lot of fun! I’ve only had a peek at the first few posts but already love it. I draw a little too and love to find out about other moms who post their drawings on their blogs. I don’t post a huge amount of my drawings, mostly my photographs, but I love that your whole blog seems to be drawn. Brilliant. I’ve favorited your site and can’t wait to get a little more time to have a good mooch. (maybe when the jet lag wears off…lol) Congratulations on the book, you must be thrilled! πŸ™‚

  92. the innocence on the sketches and their faces are amazing, awesome. clap clap clap

  93. Angie – I love, love, love your blog. So creative. My children are all grown, so watching yours brings back such fond memories. Cheers to a happy New Year! From Gail in Nicolaus, California, USA

    • Thank you Gail and welcome! I’m so glad you do, it’s the little silly things our kids do that are sometimes the most precious. My first Doodlemum book is out at the end of February 2013 and will have lots of lovely pictures in!

  94. Viv told us about the book – and hence your gorgeous blog! Congratulations … I hope it leaves enough time to keep drawing our life πŸ™‚

  95. Hi Angie,
    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. If you choose to accept you can find the details here: http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/about/

    I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading them. Keep up the great writing.


  96. Hi Doodlemum!
    I really love your illustrations. The fine lines, the humour and the sense of motherliness…

    This must be your 1’234’239’423th Versatile Blogger Award, but I’m giving it to you anyway ;). I understand that you don’t participate in these awards anymore (and I don’t ask for it), but I hope I still could show some of my appreciation through this.

    Best wishes and take care!


  97. These are absolutely terrific! You have a rare talent. Bravo!

  98. You make me smile Angie. Thank you.

  99. I was drawn (no pun intended) to the funny illustrations which led me to read the article in Family Guardian all about you discovering your drawing and a bit yourself again…I really indentify with ” you have three healthy kids (I do) and they are doing well, but you feel an utter failure (yes! Most of the time)” . My dream is to rediscover my creativity, feel like a whole person again and, most importantly start enjoying my family.
    Thank you Angie for being honest, for giving me hope and the lovely drawings which make me smile and cry all at the same time.

    • Hello Michelle, you are most welcome. Things do get better but sometimes we are the hardest judges of ourselves. Finding an outlet was so helpful for me. Gentle hugs. X

  100. No sure if I’ve got the right spot to comment but I just wanted to say how lovely your drawings are. I saw you mentioned in the Fmily Guardian and loved what I saw. Maybe one day there’ll be prints available of your work. My wife loves the ones with dogs in them. All power to your creativity. Andrew

  101. Hi, I’ve just been reading Family Guardian too, and really enjoyed your illustrations. I’ve just sent your website to my 26 year old daughter – she has 2 cats and hates going to work on Mondays, so I think she’ll love them too! Good luck for the future, you have a great talent.

  102. This is such a brilliant idea! Really genius! I love your doodles/sketches of your family life – it’s so amazingly unique and more interesting than just taking photos all the time. Love your humor, too!

  103. Hi Doodlemum,
    I really love your blog. Your drawings are just brilliant and make me smile so much even after a long day! Lovely stuff!
    Best wishes

  104. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! For the rules, click this link πŸ™‚ http://allnaturalonabudget.wordpress.com/

  105. A little something to say thanks for your blog! I Love it!!

  106. Hi Angie! I have never seen so much talent ever before in my life! Your sketches are absolutely crazy cute. I just recently subscribed and can’t wait to see a new post from you in my inbox! I am hooked on you! You are incredible! Is there any way that you can do a doodle or sketch of my two dogs together? I would love to have that! Let me know! Although I might be one of your newest subscribers, I am your BIGGEST FAN! {Valerie}

  107. Wow I absolutely LOVE your Blog! It is such an original and amazing idea! I am so glad I came across it. I am very jealous of your talent, you’re an amazing artist!

  108. i like ur funky blog. πŸ˜‰

  109. I can’t tell you how much I love your blog. I really related to your drawings. It’s so fun!

  110. Your “doodles” are really awesome. Projects a warm and loving vibe of a your family. Damn I wish I could draw…

  111. Hi Angie!
    Came across your blog and i really love your work! Its very inspiring πŸ™‚

  112. Hi there, just found your. Blog via Facebook (The Celebration Tent). I love it. πŸ™‚
    The illustrations are brilliant, you are very talented.
    I am using my blog to get back into the habit of creative writing, I will try to take a leaf out of your book and set aside some time each day…
    Keep up the fab work,
    Muma Leary. Xx

  113. Since I really enjoy looking at your sketches I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award as you can see here: http://thisistopa.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/right-here-right-now-i-am-nominated-for-the-versatile-blogger-award/. If you want to take part, tell 7 things about you and nominate some of your favorite blogs as well. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  114. your blog is absolutely charming and refreshing! I love your doodles, they are lovely!

  115. love your work, i think its great

  116. I absolutely love all your doodles! So fun!

  117. Your blog looks like a LOT of fun. I’m delighted I stumbled across it…

  118. i love your illustration style!

  119. carabensonphotography

    I have nominated you for my Sunshine Award. I love your blog, and all the drawings make me smile very time I see them! Have a look : http://carabensonphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/sunshine-award/

  120. Hey im 10 I was hoping in the near future you could put a link to my site thankyou.

  121. I like how a simple line, without so much details and complex shapes, can express so much. You got it. : )

  122. I came across your blog in recommended and I love it! What do you use to draw the pictures?

  123. Your Pictures are just *L*O*V*E*L*Y* !!!
    Look forward to the next coming.

  124. Really awesome sketches. Very catching!

  125. Love your art work, am definitely following best wishes Charles.

  126. Hi there,
    I have nominated your blog for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. You can find all the details you need by clicking on this link..


    Have a good day 

  127. tvkapherr (Cats at the Bar)

    Fabulous blog! I hope you don’t mind my following along. πŸ˜‰

  128. What a fantastic, beautiful and completely inspiring blog! All the things I had hoped to do and haven’t yet managed – and you truly have the magic touch with your sketches. Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing:-)

  129. i stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! I can’t wait to view more.

  130. Fantastic art!! I am here via Toemailer, glad to have found you!

  131. Your art is amazing, Angie! You should go check out my comics πŸ™‚

  132. What beautiful work. I’m glad you found an outlet for the difficult days in parenting and we all get to see the results!

  133. your really good think you could give me lessons? lol

  134. Love your drawings. Your blog is so colorful πŸ™‚

  135. I love your drawings. They are so expressive and recognisable. Thanks for keeping such a wonderful blog!

  136. I just discovered your blog from looking under my recommended blogs, and I’m so glad that I saw it! Your illustrations are so cute and charming! They have a classic look to them. πŸ™‚ Very inspiring!

  137. These are beautiful illustrations…very sweet and whimsical~ So glad I stumbled upon this blog. Keep it up!

  138. Awesome blog! Great drawings and incredible talent!

  139. Hi,I’m Renee and I saw a picture of a lady reading a book and a cat. I’m interested in seeing more pictures like that.I can’t seem to find any,I would really like to purchase that photo for my aunt.She reads a lot and loves cats. I showed her that drawing and she fell in love with it like I did. Please get back with me. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Renee Arguello

  140. petsatferrettphotography

    Simply wonderful Blog. Love all your drawings, especially the dogs. You’ve captured the day to day things we all see but take for granted. Great work πŸ™‚

  141. We love visiting your blog and would love to nominate you for the Versatile blogger award. Details can be found at our site; http://mudpilewood.wordpress.com/

  142. I love your blog!!! You are so extremely talented and I can relate to many of your sketches!! Brilliant!!!!

  143. i really love your drawings. they are beautiful

  144. Amazing sketches. You have a great talent; they look so pro and cute!

  145. keep it up i love your blog angie

  146. Just stumbled upon your blog, made me grin! I love your sketching style!

  147. Love your illustrations they remind me of Quentin Blake’s style. I just stumbled upon your blog now so will keep reading!

  148. Love your blog! Your illustrations are awesome!

  149. wow …your drawings are very cute…. very commendable and very impressive..

  150. absolutely love your illustrations, would love to connect as i write children’s stories. I’ve sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon. πŸ™‚

  151. I love your drawings, they are amazing!!! I am a mom of 9 so I completely understand the craziness and wonderfulness of raising children. That is awesome that you found something that you love to do and have been successful at it! Congrats.

  152. I only saw one post so far and read this section. YOu got yourself a new follower! Keep it up! You got a nice drawing style. πŸ˜€

  153. Love your doodles…thank you for sharing them πŸ™‚

  154. Love your blog! sharing your world from a unique perspective, I’m so glad I found it πŸ˜€

  155. Just happily stumbled upon your blog. glad something so positive came out of your PND. keep doodling!

  156. I love this. Can’t wait to see more.

  157. OMG! I found your blog quite by accident somehow, and I think it’s wonderful! I’m a married man, with a 33 year old son, and I started drawing about 4 years ago. I think your sketches and comments on your life are simple and wonderful and profound, and I LOVE them! I’v just ordered your book on my kindle too, and can’t wait to read it now!
    Please keep doing this blog, and make another book, and maybe a film, it’s BRILLIANT!
    Thank you,
    Much love,
    Chris, x

  158. Wonderful art here!! I look forward to see more! Cheers from Ohio, Johanna

  159. Wow, just come across your blog, and it’s beautiful! So different to other sites I’ve been looking to follow. Can’t wait to receive my updates.

  160. Doodlemum, I just came across your blog while hunting for drawings of hens online. I also raise chickens, you see (sheep and donkeys, too), in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I love your illustrations, delightful. Glad to have found you.

  161. Doodlemum, I adore your page. I just came across it while on Google searching for illustrations of hens. I, too, raise chickens (and sheep and donkeys), out in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Hope all’s well.

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