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I ran off with the Bin men.

True story, we’ll not go there.
I ran off with the bin men

Tumble Toss.

Gruff has discovered how to tumble toss!

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What my seven year old thinks of the Miss World Beauty Contest…

Yes and it isn’t much, take it away Millie…


What is that noise coming from my ceiling?

Shopping for me.

Let your children decide what to put on you. My lot have decide their Mum is a very classy woman indeed. They know what I like.

Baby Wipes.

Note to self, do not leave baby wipes in the path of a curious 11 month old.


Are we warm enough?

Never mind you can’t move, can’t have you getting cold now, it’s cold in the morning!

First day at nursery… went well, I didn’t cry, she didn’t cry. We were very brave.

What every child loves…..

The Party

Well, I am still alive but my brain has short circuited, the Jurassic jelly went down well and we’re still eating the party food for tea.

Where did the time go? An Evie Montage.

To celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday, here’s a wee montage of the little whirlwind.

Birthday Cake

It’s Evie’s  third birthday tomorrow and I’ve made her a cake. I’m shattered and have lungs full of icing sugar. The cake’s …interesting…



Squirrel tree

THERE for art thou squirrel!!!!!Deny thy nut and refuse thy tree: or if thou will not, be sworn my friend!

Scrambled eggs.

Go and fetch the eggs for me girls….don’t drop them ok?

Baby Tsunami

Window lickin’ good

There be monstas in that wardrobe…..

Beauty and the Beast

I tell you, only in the mind of my daughter do Dinosaurs and Dolls coexist in perfect harmony…..

Pit Stop

It’s like changing the nappy off a flailing octopus….

Ninja Kitty

Don’t tease the cat, no seriously, girls don’t tease the…oh what’s the use, learn the hard way then.


Babies aren’t manipulative, they’re not spoilt, they don’t take advantage of  you, they don’t need fancy clothes, they just need….you…it’s hard …and I’m tired, …think Gruff is too.

Party Shopping for Evie’s Party

Once you’ve made your pinata you’ve got to fill it. Off to the shops to fill our trolley with half a tonne of teeth rotting goodies……well, you’re only three once….

The Pinata.

We’re making a pinata for Evie’s birthday party. She wants a dinosaur. I thought it would be good to let the girls help me.


Where for art thou, squirrels?


It’s  good fun for a 2 year old to paint. Good for their development, good for their creative growth, good for their….erm…skin….


Oh to be 7 years old again….

Actually, I wouldn’t.

It’s far too frustrating.

All that learning and achieving, far too much pressure.

Head Lice.

I hate it when we get the letter home from school advising of an outbreak of the head leaching little monsters. One thing guarenteed to start me scratching.

Are you scratching? I’ll bet you are….

Anyhoo, here”s my slant on nit combing.

Wake up!

I don’t want to wake up, I want to sleep, why don’t you?

End of my sketchbook….

Wet Cat.


Insomniac Baby.

It’s probably teething, the red face, the profuse sea of dribble, the refusal to sleep for more than one hour at a time.

It probably is…yes…something like that.

The Baby Shop.

The Den. Part 3

The Den. Part 2

The Den.

Have you fed the Cat?

Poor Arnie, I don’t think we’ve fed him today.

Equal days and nights.

Here we go, into the abyss of Welsh winters.

What’s that? You cant tell the difference between summer and winter? Winter’s the one where we wear less clothing as it rains less.

Bugger the cold, it’s dry!


Sunday project.

No Myles, a six foot piece of ply will NOT fit in the car. What’s that? If you go back in and get a saw it will…..ok…..ok…..

Din Dins!

Feeding Time at the zoo…..


Do 7 year old’s rant? Yes they do (as their Dad is master of all ranting in the universe and beyond)…
Take it away Millie, what’s on your mind?

In the backseat…

Wonder Woman….

And from Dressing Up Box Productions we bring you……

In her satin leggings, fighting for her rights….

Gruff and Drink.

The various forms of drink that my 10 month old enjoys…..


The Grand Old Duke of York, He had ten thousand Dinsoaurs.

He sat on them all day long and he wouldnt get off of them.

And when Evie tried he wouldnt budge.

And when she screamed he yawned.

And when she gave up he got rather bored,

And decided to eat them instead.


Potty Training, a cautionary tale….

Who needs the Andrex puppy?

Where’s me glasses?



Now Gruff finally has decided to have teeth,  the bathroom is a busy room in the mornings.

Gruff and Arnie.

Gruff has decided to stop piling on the cat Arnie and Arnie has decided that Gruff no longer poses a threat and will not try and rip out his fur or pluck his whiskers. They quite like each others company.


my ever suffering husband…




My family……

A little about me and my family!

oooh Ive got a blog!

Well this is it, finally, Ive got a blog. Of course it’ll have pictures and stuff and drawings. Hope you all like it.

Doodlemum. x

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