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42,  mother, short, defensive,  chatty, gardener, European, , artist, noisy, zumba addict, chocolate loving, wine lover, Whovian, runner, chicken keeper, animal lover, keeper of the peace and the keys to the eternal kingdom of jaffa cakes. 

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  1. I absolutely adore your doodles. you are very talented indeed. M2Mx

  2. Doodlemum you deserve to be in a national newspaper, to have a publishing deal and a gold medal for not only being a great Mum but for drawing everyday and sharing the fun with us all.

    I can’t get over have brilliantly you capture snapshots of your daily delights! Fan-bl**dy-tastic!

    And thank you – your drawings make me smile everyday and inspire me to draw (and maybe, just maybe , one day have a kiddie or two myself!)


    • Thank you, my head is so big now I’ve bumped it on the ceiling…..;P a drawing a day keeps the insanity at bay…keep drawing!!!!!!
      And as for having kids, GO ON, GO ON, GO ON, GO ON…look at what it did to me….what’s that? Myles says I’m still as annoying but with more hormones and less dress sense. x
      Keep reading and tell everyone!

      • HEELLOOO I love your posts…you are a very talented drawer and you treasure your family so much… please can you follow me it would be a great honour 😉

    • You shoul write a children’s book on your experience as a mom. You already got the pictures 🙂

  3. Bloody brilliant Angie, love it….the Anne Summers one is classic 🙂

  4. Hey Doodlemum … don’t suppose you’re interested in illustrating a children’s book? My first is being published shortly, with the second due out later in the year. I have another two already written which I’ll eventually need an illustrator for. Love your work!!! You can check me out either at my Deep Fried Fruit blog, or at my author website

    Happy Tuesday!!!


  5. Just found your site today and love, love, love your work. Do you have a Twitter ID or email address I can contact you on?

  6. Oh, you have an amazing blog and fantastic artwork!
    I’ve not read all of your posts yet, but I must add you to my recommendations list straight away!
    Great stuff! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I just found your awesome blog. I, too, blog about my family and draw cartoons to emphasise the craziness. Your drawings are so beautiful, so alive and expressive. Are you working on a book?

  8. I just found your blog through Bluemilk. I am swept away by your talent and the warmth, love and humour that shines through your work. Colour me awed and completely enamoured.

  9. Hey Big sis soooo proud of you and your site its absolutely brilliant! So sorry its taken me so long to find the time to get on it!!! Love the dadblog! speak to you soon xxx

    • Well hello little Sis in New Zealand! Thank you! It’s a great way fro me to combine a catalog of the kids growing up with a good old draw. It’s doing me the world of good. Big hugs and kisses to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxFrom your mad Welsh Auntie.xxxx

  10. What a great blog!
    Thank you for sharing your drawings and with it, your life!

  11. thewritingspider

    How fun is this blog??? I doodle but you, dear, do art. I’m going to check back often. : )

  12. You have an amazing blog – subscription was an inevitability!

  13. Fantastic artwork…:-)

  14. Your blog is so sweet! 🙂 Keep on doodlin’ you’re amazing at it!

  15. i doodle too! but i’m just a 22 year old who don’t draw like you do! YOUR DRAWINGS ARE AWESOME. your drawings remind me of the books i read somewhere when i was a little kid. :”> i love it

  16. I adore your doodles! So glad I found this site! You have a new subscriber! 🙂

  17. I only came across your blog just over a week ago and has since subscribed to it. But I just can’t help but love your drawings. There is such a child-friendly, sort of innocent feeling to them and always reminds me of reading books when I was a kid. I, myself am studying illustration at university and your works have really inspired me to record such daily events.

    • Oh wow! Well thank you very much! That’s lovely to hear you like my drawings! Every day doodles keep the ideas flowing…I did Illustration at University and found it a mixed experience to be honest with you. Draw influence from anything and everything and keep drawing. There is too little of it these days. I think with my blog though I’m making up for it..;)

  18. I love your blog! I spend a great deal of my spare time looking at other people’s sketchbooks online. I’m very happy to come across yours. Thank you for sharing your art (and life) online! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  19. A breath of fresh air amidst the myriad of ‘mummy’ blogs that all seem to do/say/write the same things.
    Pointed in your direction by Heather at Note from Lapland, and so glad I stopped by! You make my doodles look decidedly amateur, but I’ll just let that wash over my wetsuit 😉


    LCM x

  20. Hello and thank you for your lovely comments!! Just to add to the many above – this is such a wonderful blog, I’ve been having loads of fun going through looking at all the excellent drawings!

    I saw you studied Illustration, and was wondering if I could ask you about your experience with that – I studied Chinese, which I enjoyed a lot, but I’ve come to realise drawing is really what I want to do all day long. So I still wonder whether I should study illustration after all. Any wisdom or light you could shed on studying/having studied illustration would be brilliant, if you have time!
    Thanks (also for sharing your drawings!), x x Bea

  21. Hi Doodlemum, I’m a recent convert to your blog and I just thought I’d say how much I’m enjoying it, I have a look every morning and they always make me chuckle! I’ve got no babies of my own but I’m the oldest of three and a lot of what your small ones do reminds me so much of when we were all kids 🙂
    Thanks for brightening up my day,
    love Nicola

    • Well thank you so much and welcome! It’s lovely to hear you like visiting and I hope I can continue to make you smile. There’s never a dull moment around here !

  22. saw your “prolific” blog showcased today too – I love that you draw your everyday. Glad to see someone else capturing life’s moments through art too, not just words. lovely and candid.

  23. Illustrate a book, illustrate a book, illustrate a book! Write it too. I like the suggestion from Ana Marie above. Do it!

    (Myles will tell you why I wrote this they way I did, but the sentiment is genuine).


    • Thanks Dave, I will write a book and I have my idea to thanks to the blog so it’s well worth the daily piccie as its been helping me to write and draw together.

  24. Hi Doodlemum! A friend led me to your blog a few months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I adore your doodles! You have such a wonderful talent, and such a cute family. 🙂 My husband is from Wales, very near Swansea, so it is fun to see your references and “hear” your accent.
    Would you mind if I linked to you on my blog? I would love to feature your work, and your love for art. And I agree with the many before me – illustrate a book! It would be a huge success! 🙂
    Sincerely, Bonnie

  25. I absolutely love your artwork! It evokes a feeling of nostalgia for me. Hands down, you should definitely illustrate/write your own books, (if you haven’t already, that is!)

  26. Yes I know… I thought you’d like it… I have a WACOM Intuos 2 tablet myself… working in photoshop and painter…. but I am more comfortable in the digital domain I guess really. You, however, seem far more at ease with real world materials… so when I came across the delightfully named “Wacom Inkling” today on another blog… I immediately thought… OOOH I know who might be interested in this little hoo ha! 😀

    I have to say… I think it looks brilliant too… quite new apparently… not for sale until the end of September though… but not going to be as wildly expensive as their tablets so… could be a winner? xxxxx

    • Hopefully it will be, there’s a few artists I know that bring tablets and along to life drawing and they get smashing results. It is down to money but I guess with all technology it does get cheaper eventually so I’m sure I’ll get a go!

  27. your ability is so amazing..great work..ELiza Keaitng

  28. I am very late to your blog and your wonderful, wonderful pictures. I am so glad I have found it though! It really is incredible. :

  29. Cool drawings! me and my kids enjoy them very much!

  30. Your work is amazing. Such style! You give me hope for my future as a mama (if it ever happens) and that mamas (or mums 😉 can still find time to draw!
    Have you ever illustrated a children’s book?
    I will enjoy seeing more of your work.

  31. I agree about dreams! Still working a full time job that lets me be somewhat creative, and now I suppose I am a published artist by having my own blog…I would really like to do the drawing/art/illustration full time though. “Keep on swimming…” 🙂

    • Yes keep on! There are now avenues we can go through that allow us to publish and take full advantage of that, get your work out there and keep drawing and creating, our world would be a dull place without it 🙂

  32. I instantly became a fan, U r wonderful, u made me look at my life with a new angle and appreciate it. ur doodles made me smile, Thank you and keep up the good work. Im a mum of two beautiful girls.

  33. Just came across your blog purely by chance – I googled images for ‘Dinosaur Christmas’!
    You are so talented and I absolutely love your drawing style. I’d love to be able to draw and I’m always in awe of people that can.
    Thanks for brightening up my morning xx

  34. Hi Doodlemum. We LOVE your blog and have nominated you for this award: Happy blogging in 2012!

  35. I have awarded your blog a Liebster Award.;h=73

    Please visit my blog to see the other writers I have awarded, and to see the rules for accepting the Liebster Award.

    Thank you.

  36. your doodles are very nice, i love it

  37. Your is my absolute favorite blog that I follow. I can’t wait to see what you post each day. I love your doodles! You are so lucky to be so talented.

  38. Hey, I was just given this funny little “award” and thought I’d pass it along to you – as you are one of my regular reads 🙂

  39. Hello Angie, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve awarded you The Sunshine Award for being creatively inspiring. Feel free to accept or reject.

  40. do you illustrate children’s books?

  41. Jennifer Rhodes

    Just came across your blog a while back and this is the first time I’ve had to check it out. I love your work and am looking forward to your posts.

  42. Kevin Siguenza

    Hi Doodlemum,

    You are so good in making doodles. These doodle are in another form. 🙂 I have my doodles but it is in the japanese type. 🙂 I’ve just followed you. 😀

  43. Hi Doodlemum

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award – as I appreciate your blogs so much 🙂

    Rose x

  44. fivegoblogging

    I have just found your blog and want to congratulate you on your amazing talent. Your sketches are simply awesome!
    “When” I get my (soon to be written) book published I will be in touch for your illustrating prowess!
    Thank you for making me smile today :)))

  45. I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. You can find it here:

  46. Melanie Bugler-Mitchell

    Your pictures are fantastic as a Mum myself they are all a wonderful insight in to life with children.

  47. Hi Doodlemum, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 You can see the post here… Keep up the excellent work x

  48. Alfie and Rosie, that’s what these amazing line and colour drawings remind of! (I think that’s the names, it’s been a very long time. Was the author a Hughes?) 🙂

  49. I just nominated you for another award: “One Lovely Blog Award.” you deserve it. I love everyone of your posts. To see the nomination post, follow this link:

  50. Best blog crossing multiple continents! I love getting your glimpses of motherhood and childhood. Beautiful, simple, perfect. I keep worrying you’ll get famous and stop blogging! If you do, let us know how to follow….

    • I don’t think there’s much chance of that! BUT….. if it ever happens and I’m rolling in it, I’ll pay my butler to upload my pictures each day 😛

  51. Quite simply – wow! What talent.

  52. Your sketches are fantastic! I’m an elementary teacher and want to share some of your work with my students to use as writing prompts! I checked your creative common license and will definitely give you credit for the amazing work! If you illustrate any children’s books, I will want to buy copies!!!!

  53. Awesome awesome, I have been going through the posts and this is my first time here because I didn’t want to write on every single pretty sketch you make 🙂 I love them! I wish I could do what you do too! I don’t usually follow comic blogs but yours is fantastic 🙂

    • You’re very kind and thank you for joining in! I hope I continue to please, feel free to comment as it’s always lovely to hear what you all think. 🙂

  54. Hi, just dropped by to say fabulous work – really love your doodles……. Please keep going!

  55. Amazing! You are very talented!! I wish I was in your family lol Keep it up! 🙂

  56. Love your work! Kids are the best inspiration!:)

    Fantastic…would make an amazing collection book!

  57. Brilliant sketches, really made me chuckle! Mum of 3 myself so I recognise a lot of the scenarios (not yet made the swimsuit mistake though). Thanks for cheering up my day

  58. Hiya, just read the article in the Daily Mail and i just love your pictures!!! you must publish them they are fabulous! i have just had my third child and the pictures are so full of life and made me laugh out loud! the potty picture was my fave, i have a 3 and a half year old little boy….i understand the picture! Fabulous xxxx

  59. Absolutely wonderful drawings – thank you for sharing them.

  60. I absolutely love your doodles. As does my husband. What a wonderful way to capture each precious day you have with your ‘babies’. My sons are 4 and 2 and each picture could be them. Will be following your journal as you continue to record…. Wonderful! Bendigedig! Michelle

  61. What a lovely sneaky look into your lovely family you have shared with us. The drawings are beautiful, you have a great talent and I love your children, pets and all they get up to! Thank you

  62. Your pictures are absolutely adorable. My children are a bit older than yours (9 and 16 yrs now) but your drawings bring back all
    the memories: the cuddliness of them, the mess in the flat, tiredness of me, the way their arms feel around my neck when I picked them up…
    To me it feels your pictures capture what my life with young children used to be and partly still is like! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    I will certainly keep following you.

  63. Julia Lambert

    I’ve just discovered you through your interview in the Daily Mail and I think what you do is wonderful. As a mum I can so see my daughter in your doodles even though she is now 13. I will be a daily follower from now on. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  64. Got sent here from Daily mail.. might have to sit here all night and look at all the pi, they are brill – I relate to a lot of them with my daughter 🙂

  65. Oh! I had such a lovely morning going through all of your drawings. Just gorgeous, so funny and the love just jumps off the page. Well done. Well done.

  66. Hello, love the drawings, am at home with my 20 month old and recognise so many of the scenes! Do you sell prints at all?

  67. Absolutely BRILLIANT, Love your doodles, we have a 4yo and a 2yo so we can relate, also posted your newspaper article and doodlemum link on my facebook time line so all my friends can enjoy as well…..keep doodling…..

  68. I love your unique way of blogging. FABuLOUS!!!!!!

  69. Angie, just seen you on Wales today and had to have a look. They are lovely, and you are very talented. All the best for a bright future in book illustration. Trish

  70. Hi from New Zealand.
    Just read about you and your family on the Daily Mail website. Love your drawings. They are briliant.

  71. Hi Angie, it’s just wonderful to see how well your doing…. Looks like your gonna be quite famous 😉 I knew I should have got your autograph before leaving uk lol…. Keep up the good work Hun and love to you all from us all down under. P.s Ella still has and cherishes the fairies you made her years back. Xxxxx

  72. Just saw you on BBC Breakfast, and am probably one of thousands who came here to see your blog. I love your drawings and humour! And the kids were adorable on the show (I always enjoy watching children steal the show EVERY TIME :-)). Glad to have spotted you/this blog, what fun!

  73. Just saw you on BBC news with your lovely family. Though I’m a man I identify with you. I used to draw at school and was quite good. But drawing isn’t very useful and it faded away. My job is quite (sometimes very) stressful. Lately I’ve started drawing again and it is a huge de stresser for me. I come home from work spend an hour or so drawing and my troubles are gone..till next your drawings keep it up. Good luck..

  74. applesandplums

    Just saw you on BBC breakfast news, love your blog, you are so talented, such an inspiration!

  75. Brilliant. Lovely stuff. Ive just seen you on BBC Breakfast – made me smile, laugh and cry. thanks for saring.


  76. Just visited here after seeing your interview on BBC this morning. Brilliant! I’m a mum to son aged 8yrs and twin girls aged 5 yrs and you have captured some of those mum moments perfectly. Do you have an ecommerce site or do you sell your illustrations as cards on ebay? If so please email me as I’d love to buy. Thanks.

  77. Just saw you on the telly, I love your drawings and so many of them strike a chord with me I’m an older mum and have nearly raised my seven children. Thank you for making me smile when things are difficult xxxx

  78. Mandy McVicars

    Brill sketches, funny and touching. Keep up the good work.

  79. .Sylvia Evans

    A joy… Thank you.

  80. Hi there. Do you sell prints of your work? Love the Wiggly Woo one!

    Many thanks.


  81. Julie Harness

    Just saw you all on TV this morning so looked you up on the internet. I love your drawings, they are so funny and capture those little moments we so often forget – much better than a photo does. And Doodlemum is a great name. Keep on doodling!

  82. Dear Doodlemum.

    I’m sneakily laying in bed, listening to my children shrieking in the garden, and watching you on breakfast telly. Your illustrations are super-amazing and capture magical moments far more than a photo ever could. I love love love them.

    Is it possible to commission an illustration of my children? If it would be, could you email me? I’d absolutely love one.

    Keep drawing you amazing lady! What a talent!

  83. Got up this morning 8.30 (first time this term havent had footy Karate, or,…. or……) “Will get pre-holiday ironing done before anyone else emerges” …..NOT! Tea, toast and ‘Breakfast’ has led me here, ……now I’m back to January and totally addicted.Guess this will just have to be my RnR for the weekend!!! This is FABBY – you HAVE to get this published pet – it’s too good. If publishers aren’t beating each other off with sticks then there really is no justice in this world. Now I’ve found you please don’t stop!! Thank you for a lovely start to Saturday – puts a new slant on the never ending washing (and of course the aforementioned ironing!) Fi.x

  84. Thanks for the many laughs your drawings give, they bring back so many memories they got me thinking and remembering. My favourite blog, I just love the unique way you have done this and it is so real. The cat bowl really made my mum laugh as apparently I used to try to eat the cat food!! nothing changes :-). I hope to buy a book of your lovely drawings one day xxxx

  85. Christine Douglas

    I’ve just watched you & your family on Breakfast. I love your doodles., especially the potty sketch!! I hope you publish your work. You are very talented.

  86. Hello, just watched you on BBC news, your drawings are amazing!! Really admire your work – I an 14, and would love to be an illustrator or an artist when i’m older. What pens/ pencils do you use to draw and colour your pictures?? Just read of the previous comments, sounds like you have an illustrator job in the bag!! Will definitely be checking this blog for new pictures often 🙂

  87. Great Doodles.I’m glad to see an Artist who ‘thinks out of the Box’.The Doodles are a mark of genius.Keep on Doodling.

  88. love your work – when are you going to have an exhibition / sale? !!!!

  89. Gaby Fletcher

    Shared your wonderful blog with my daughter, who works in children’s publishing, and told her she should get you signed up immediately! An inspiration, your drawings are so full of character and humour, wonderful stuff. Although my two children are all grown up, your images bring back all the memories….. Keep drawing – you have a real talent.

  90. Like many others, I saw you on television this morning, and thought your doodles were wonderful, and certainly bring back happy memories of when my children were little….ahh yes, the licking of windows….I think a mystery to all!
    I do hope you get published, as your drawings certainly deserve a much wider audience 🙂

  91. Tony Williams

    Saw you and the children on BBC news this morning and loved your sketches – put me in mind of Polly Simmonds! Looked you up when we got home, we’d been in Glasgow overnight to see Hugh Laurie and his band. Thoroughly recommend this as an antidote to woes! I love the way you can capture an expression and a personality with so few lines – wish I could 😦

  92. Nicola Spence

    Saw you on breakfast TV this morning. Fantastic drawings and such a lovely idea – you have a great talent – I wish you and your lovely family well.

  93. I saw your BBC video, I was directed by the popular OMG Ubuntu news site (I’m sure you know why). Keep up the excellent work. #Ubuntu #USA

  94. Love your pictures made me laugh at the memories, my kids are all grown up but it brought it all back hope you do consider a book but keep up the good work.

  95. Tony Williams

    I meant Posy Simmonds of course! Tamara Drewe/Madame Bovary. I shouldn’t rely on the memory in a 72 year old shrunken head.

  96. Hi Angie,
    Fantastic! 😀 Your drawings have captured the beautiful chaos that comes with having a young family!!
    You made me smile, laugh out loud and reminded me of my children when they were little.
    SO much better than a photo and your short comments for them are spot on.
    All of my own children are grown up now, no grandchildren yet, but as a teacher of young children I know that my pupils will love your sketches. Showing them just one picture is going to start up a whole load of conversations between them.
    These pictures, with their short comments would make wonderful reading books for young children too.
    Well, I can’t wait to buy your first book!! It’ll come, I’m sure of that!
    Love to you and your delightful family, Angela

  97. I saw you on telly, what a great idea I wish I had your talent

  98. Mike and Cathy

    Wonderful drawings. We have four kids so know how you might feel………How can we see all your drawings and are you going to publish them in a book …

  99. Wonderful stuff! So many of them could be me and my son! Looking forward to seeing many more hilarious sketches x

  100. Catrin Tudor

    Have seen you on bbc wales news and also on bbc breakfast! You are fab! Love your drawings and hope you get success from them-they would make great birthday cards etc! All the best
    Catrin x

  101. Hi Doodlemum.
    It’s I very big pleasure to announce you that I nominated you for the Very inspiring blogger award.

  102. Oh my goodness…I saw your sketch of you and the family at the beach on Today’s Moms newsfeed. Brought tears to my eyes, because my grandfather would do these for us when we were little. Your artwork is beautiful. Blessings to you, your family, and all your future endeavors.

  103. Audrey Habush

    Love you already. What a talent you have. What a keen eye and warm heart.

  104. Doodlemum, Thank you for the smiles that relieve the stress of a long hard day. Best of luck to you and your family 🙂

  105. Rachel Heard

    Saw you on Daybreak, liked you and what I saw. Now…cannot stop looking at your blog! You are a star! Making dull, rainy and often tough days bright and real…thank you! Keep it up and remember your family when you are discovered with the ‘big deal’!

  106. I think I love you! Thank you for brightening my day. You remind me of Quentin Blake, who is my all time favourite doodler person by the way. 🙂

  107. Hello. I worry that your eldest child might be a bully. (as someone who was bullied by an elder sister, maybe I am over sensitive.)
    I love your doodles. Marguerite

    • I can assure you that although Millie can be “imaginative” in her play, she receives her fair share in equal measures from her brother and sister!

  108. Facebook and your blog make my day. Thanks you for your wonderfull pages.

  109. hi there i think ur drawings are amazing the way u have captured the heart of ur family and family life. an inspiration to all. i am a mum of three and can connect with your drawings lol. was wondering if u had a facebook link wud love to add u and follow u on that
    keep drawing these wonderful pictures they cheer me up
    regards laura ❤

  110. really gud sketches!!………….i showed them to my mum too!!…..we too r 3 kids(2 girls and a guy)…….. a lot of resemblance!

  111. This is a wonderful collection of life’s goings on and foibles shown through the eyes of an artist! Truly wonderful!

  112. Hi! I recently got started my own doodle blog and was lucky enough to stumbled on your blog today. It’s awesome! All your doodles are so fun and whimsical, I especially love your composition and the looseness of your brushstrokes!

  113. Beautiful illustrations, makes me wish I could draw so beautifully. Do you have an online shop? Desperate to fill my walls with your work!

  114. Do you do commissions, I don’t like posed for professional photographs but I’d love a family portrait done by yourself to frame and put on my wall?!

    • Hello Amber, don’t want you to think I’ve forgottom you! I’m not at present as I’m very busy doing secret things and I will reveal all soon 🙂 But that’s not to say I won’t in the future either so I will bear you in mind on my to do list lovely. xxxxx

  115. chroniclesofdomesticdisaster

    Have you published a sketchbook or collection of your doodles (on paper/a old fashioned book) yet. I would love to buy it if you have – so charming.

  116. Fantastic new about the book!!!!! can we pre order?

  117. hi! I’m from portugal and i’m writing a blog witch i’ll transform in a website in march about parenting. I’m so in love with your photos that i would love to ask if you mind that i use them in my blog/site? My email is Can you send me a reply?
    Best regards from Portugal.
    Susana Rodrigues

  118. Very nice work ! I have also three kids and I recognise a lot of their moments in your doodles.

  119. Kyra (Scribbles & Sprinkles)

    Hello! I am a fellow doodler and I am a really really big fan of your amazing artworks! I wanted to ask if you do all your doodles with pen and paper, or if you do them with a tablet/computer? And if so, what software do you use?
    Thanks a lot!

  120. Diane and Kevin

    Hi Angie. It was great to meet and chat with you at solva woollen mill on Saturday (and share doggie pics :-). I’m really looking forward to your book coming out in spring. I hope it sells millions for you 😀
    Diane and Kevin

  121. Have awarded you because you make me smile on good days and bad! Here’s the nomination post

  122. Hey Doodlemum!
    I’ve never understood trackbacks or pingbacks or whatevs, but wanted to let you know that I did put you in a post:

    Hope it helps!
    I really look forward to your cartoons each day.
    Happy early New Year,

  123. you have one of the best blogs I have ever seen I love your pictures sooo unique I really enjoy it soooo much!!!

  124. Hi

    I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for ‘The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!’ (You can find details in this post if you would like to take part! Fine if you don’t.

    I love your sketches and they bring a smile to my face everyday!

    best of luck with the book!

  125. Hey doodlemum. I’ve been following your doodles since you were on tv. I’ve just started my own blog (no doodles, can’t doodle for toffee), which is a lighthearted take on my life as an anxious working mum. Would make my day if you took a look and maybe gave me a follow if you find it worthy. Thanks 🙂

  126. Keith Louis Lortie

    Dear ArtistMommaDoodlemum: Never knew of you until today’s Guardian. Thoroughly enjoyed your drawings – then asked myself why. I’m reminded of Quentin Blake’s art wherein his lines, dots and infills all appear to be laid in a spontaneous rush onto the paper, yet – the dots for eyes show timeless, cheerful expectancy; the faces, especially in profile display great delicacy in the eentsy noses and dainty mouths. I wanted to hug the cartoon lady! Altogether, I see great humanity in the figure drawing: the exhaustion, exasperation, humour, confrontation, et al, that figures in all our lives. Charming artwork, well done! From a retired carpenter, frustrated would-be artist, and father of a wonderful son and daughter – all grown up now! PS: I remember my own complete absorption as a small boy, given a sheet of paper and an HB pencil, then my poster colour jars and precious few sable brushes in my early teens – I was never so happy!

  127. Keith L Lortie

    Not to enter into a dragged out conversation, but it’s very cheering to see that you’ve surmounted/are surmounting?! all that domestic trivia along with the darling littlies rapidly becoming biggies, with the attendant feeding; school (with bullying – I know about that!); daily fight to balance the books; the end of those tough days when you hit the pillow like a safe – plus; you found the energy to make something of your art! Most anything worthwhile is hard work isn’t it?
    Bought some watercolours a while back; some acrylics – which are new to me – and some beautiful new brushes; which are a means to an end, after all. Now I’m terrified of resuming after all the years! Wish me luck with renewing a long-past love. I trust your artwork will bring you mucho income! Once more, I’m very pleased for you and your family!
    While a user of Facebook and the usual emails, I’m totally unaccustomed to this ‘blog’ business, so hope that I’ve done things sensibly. Please don’t feel obliged to acknowledge. Gawrsh! I’m just now considering all the folks sending you words like I am. Phew!
    Finally, with regard to children’s books and the immensely important illustrations; Hilary and I had rewarding times hunting down good children’s books on our precious Saturdays. Those books still sit safely on my shelves awaiting the return of Ben and Jocelyn someday to look at them again. Memories of my own childhood books with the wonderful drawings and colour plates, which I cheerfully gave away as I ‘outgrew’ them, return to my mind repeatedly. I miss those books! Sincerely, Keith.

    • Not at all, you can write as much or as little as you like.
      My advice to you is just find a subject that you’d like to paint and just have fun, if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter, keep going.
      Just get those paints out of the tubes and have fun!
      Perhaps start a blog too and upload your paintings!

  128. Dear Doodlemum, I am spending the weekend away from the family to think things through. Reading the Guardian in my hotel bed I find you and your sketches. How your experience and your sketches resonate. I am about to go for a solitary dinner but I’ll stop at the bookshop before to get your book. It will fit perfectly into my weekend and even more perfectly between myself and my daughters once I get back. Thank you.

  129. Keith L Lortie

    Well gosheroo, it seems rude not to answer. So: I was just thinking on your charming dots for eyes, not unique of course but nevertheless, your own, alongside your own style; certainly not Quentin . . . Part of the magic of course is the absence of eyebrows! We all have them, but what a nuisance they can be sometimes when you try and draw them to indicate mood. I sat with my daughter once when she was six/seven? (she had established drawing talent at nursery school) and I drew a series of circles for heads, then by example, drew the dots for eyes, then drew what many expressions could be shown by the tiniest wrinkle in the mouths and the eyebrows. She actually stopped sucking her thumb and almost snatched the pencil from me, the sooner to experiment with subtle eyebrow positions. (Go away Dad, I’m creating.) It’s interesting to remember too, that David Bowie in establishing his Ziggy Stardust persona, shaved off his eyebrows. No eyebrows has that . . . confrontational; ready when you are; I am blissfully confident; how lovely this life is, wild energy. Brows could only interfere. Having said all that, I hope that next time you’re inking one of your loved one’s faces onto the page, that you’ll do it with your usual spontaneous flair and not be suddenly aware of my interfering observations, ‘hem’hem. Was your own absence of eyebrows instinctive, or designed? The particular drawings ARE somehow complete without crowding them with those thingies . . . O artistic license!
    Finally, I continue in silent terror over my timidity in drawing anything, let alone paint. I have two very good friends ( not that sure how they regard me! I talk about it; they do it); both professional artists: Nikki Holmes and Donald Cordery. If, with regard to yourself, you feel hampered by a lack of speed during all your waking hours, then take heart. Don, despite his utter disregard/unawareness of pace and time, has managed to paint the most stunning wildlife paintings I have ever seen in my life, yet remains in unspoken contempt? for, ‘doing things rapidly’ – it’s not in his psyche. After my having seen and worshipped a relatively minor study, in pencil, of a harvest mouse feeding itself at the head of an ear of wheat, he presented me weeks subsequently with another harvest mouse study. I almost cried. It is so beautiful, all carried out using, I guess, top quality pencils, all with needle points, used to create another impossibly delicate study of one of our tiny companions on this planet.
    Nikki is consumed with his abstract views of life, but in his company at school, his drawing work was always finer than mine; a more delicate touch. It showed in our exam results: me, say 94%; Nikki, 97%, goddammit! Yet I wasn’t envious (honest) and sought their company so I could admire their skills. They make their living from their skills. Looks like you will do, as well. Yet again, well done, Angela! Regards, Keith

    • With regards to eyebrows it’s evolved over many years of drawing, sometime less is more and too many lines on a face can detract from the expression you want to convey. Sometimes lines under the eyes are just as important or the angle of hair or a hat can suggest the expression too. It’s what happens on the paper that’s the most important.
      Terror is good, go do battle with your pen!

  130. quickanimator

    I just found your site through a google search of doodle blogs. Very nice.

  131. This is the most delightful, uplifting blog I have found…and soooo accurate!

  132. Hi There! Just to say that I am an avid reader of your blog and generally ‘big you up’ to a lot of my friends who I know would appreciate your work. I too was woken early yesterday with breakfast in bed from my two little boys (Dewi and Griff) and screams of ‘Happy Mothers Day’! Much to my delight a parcel was thrusted into my arms of which once opened was your Book, Doodlemum. My Husband had remembered when I had told him that you were having a book published, how lovely. Love it, love it, love it. Congratulations, you must be very pleased with the book, I will now big up your book too!!

  133. As promised I did set out to Waterstone to get your book last weekend. Well, I started off with their flagship store in Piccadilly, to avoid disappointment. I headed straight to the art section. Nothing. Then to the Grafic Novel. Nothing. Children? Nothing. Autobiography? Nothing. I went to ask. To my dismay they had it down to the Childbirth and Parenting section…. ONE copy! I looked and I looked but NO, it wasn’t there. Maybe it has sold or it has been misplaced, they said. Never mind. I said. So I walked to the branch in Covent Garden. I looked and did not find. I asked. Sorry we haven’t got it. It should be under the Humor section. They have one in Piccadilly (…) or Gower Str. Off I go to Gower Str, surely the one next to my beloved university won’t let me down. Same story. They have it but they do not know where. And so I came home empty handed.

    I am telling you this story Doodlemum, to explain why I have not commented on your book yet but more importantly to check with whoever deals with your book that they give it an appropriate space in the bookshop. Why oh why was ever put in the parenting section alongside books on troublesome teenagers or gifted toddlers I do not know.

    following faithfully.

    • Hmmm yes I can see the classification of this book is dividing book shops. Humour and parenting is the umbrella I’d classify this under. I’ll certainly send a message to my publisher to see what can be done.
      If you feel making a passing comment to the shop in question would help too by all means go for it.
      Perhaps an independent book shop would be more accomodating?

  134. I will try an independent of buy from the Guardian website, afterall it is through it that I discovered it. I am surprised somehow that you also think it should go under parenting… I don’t see that at all. I’d have gone straight into the art section. But it doesn;t matter where it is, it matters that the shop assistants know ehre it is. And yes I will email them.

  135. Just found your blog today and it’s excellent! I love the way you draw and get so much character into each piece. 🙂

  136. I discovered your blog through WordPress’s “You May Like” recommendations. So glad to have found your site. 🙂

  137. Hello!
    I have nominated you for The Sunshine award ( hope you don’t mind ) because your sketches make me smile and they are absolutely adorable :). I love them all!
    Click here for more info
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  138. Hi Angie! Gorgeous drawings – someone pointed me in this direction and I’m already a fan.
    I was actually wondering if you might be interested in contributing to an Anthology I’m trying to put together about motherhood? I did send an email, but it was probably channelled into your spam folder. Please let me know if you’d like to know more.

  139. Do you sell your doodles?

  140. Elin Williams

    Thank you for making it easier to get to my desk every morning! Also for transporting me back to Swansea and/or a time when my horrible teenagers were sweet. I was wondering… do you ever sell your pictures (originals or prints)? I have the book, but I’d love to own a copy of “Please walk me…”. No worries if not. Just keep sending me the pixels! Elin

  141. Hello!
    I’ve just nominated you for the Best Moment Award because I find your work so poetic in portraying everyday life with children around (and with the challenge they represent for us ‘so-called’ adults!) I am a mother of a four year old daughter and each time I see one of your drawings I think: it’s me! or: it’s us! I hope you don’t mind.
    If you wish to get more information, please go to:
    I’ll stay tuned anyway and thank you for bringing poetry into our lives!

  142. Hello fellow blogger!
    I have nominated you for the “Super Sweet Blogging Award”.
    Feel free to click on the below link if you wish to accept the award and all you need to do is follow the quick and simple rules.
    Well done and congrats for being one of my nominees

    -Teenage Views xoxo

  143. You give me hope and courage to pursue art and writing and continue to be myself. I love your form of expression. I think it’s unique and beautiful! You are truly gifted and make me motivated. Thank-you!

  144. V. Kathryn Evans

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog – your snapshots of life say it all!

  145. Yours is my absolute favorite blog!…
    I decided to pass along “The Super Sweet Blogger Award”, to you and your blog. Your blog being one of my daily favorite reads! 
    If you wish to accept the award, you can find the info on my post here: Brooke’s Voice
    -Brooke’s Sister

  146. Hello, I would like to nominate this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Please understand that there is absolutely NO obligation to accept, repost or follow any of the VBA rules (which can be quite tedious). And should you prefer me to take down the link to your site from our VBA post, I will. Just let me know. We nominated you because we enjoyed your blog but we do not want to inconvenience you in anyway.

    You can see our VBA post where we have linked to you at –

    The VBA is a “chain-letter” award. More about it on –

    Have a good day!

  147. Homeschool Crafts

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

  148. I just love love love your blog and your doodles. Definitely made my day today when I found your blog! 🙂
    Love it!

  149. I nominaed you for A Lovely Blog Award. Check out more info here. 🙂

  150. I love your blog sooooooooooooooo much! Your works are really nice!

  151. Hi, I really enjoy your blog so I’ve mentioned you in the Lovely Blog Award. read about it here:

  152. Hi! I’ve nominated you for ABC award. Please click the link below for more information:

  153. Very good drawings! Congratulations, I found your blog very special!

  154. sarahcolliver

    Awwww I LOVE your work – you are so talented!!! I think I am going to be a regular visitor to the sight and your newest fan 🙂

  155. Alessandra Rosas (aka rosas6)

    I have just discovered you via Pinterest and couldn’t be more delighted. I love your illustrations. I will return regularly to your blog xx

  156. Doodlemum, you are an absolute legend! Actually I’d say a Legendary Creative Genius ! A random google search of mixed strings got me to your blog, and now that I’m here – Never leaving:)

  157. I would be so pleased to have U as a friend on my blog! I’ve told my kids( i’m a teacher)about your fantastic book and they called you a “magic lady with a heap of sketches!” You work miracles creating new live pictures, which we do love!!!!!

  158. I think I’m addicted to your blog. Thanks for the doodles:)

  159. Your doodles are adorable!! makes me laugh (:

  160. Love your blog! Love it so much, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out my blog post for the rules on what to do next.

    Happy Blogging!
    Riki 🙂

  161. Dear Doodlemum, I just want to say I love your art. It’s like love at first sight! Do you have a book that teaches us how to draw the way you do? I can only draw trees, you know. And they’re very simple trees. 🙂

  162. dear doodlemum,
    long time follower, first time post-er. *^^* just wanted to chime in to say, “luv, luv, luv~ your work!” I can’t tell you how many times your illustrations brought a smile and outright laughter to my day. I don’t really draw and when I do, most –including myself–can’t make heads or tails of them. Anyhow, as a New Years resolution, am trying to do the things that I always think about doing but never quite get around to… hoping to get in touch via email to share a little more but hotmail sends unknown emails to junk mail–so I’ll try in a few min. Hope it gets to you.
    Happy “lunar” New Years to you and your lovely family and hope to get in touch soon.
    another one happy to stumble across your blog,
    maria moon

  163. We’re very similar except the part about 40 and short, I’m 50 and tall but I expect to start shrinking soon. You’re an amazing doodler.
    thank you for sharing your terrific talent!

  164. Hello Angie!
    I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I love your doodles, always a pleasure seeing your name appear in my reader! The “Accept vs Reject” lies in your hands.
    For more information, you can visit this link…


  165. Alessandra Rosas aka rosas6

    Hi Angie, I have only just noticed your copyright tab – not sure how long it has been there. I have been pinning your stuff to Pinterest – I have a board called Illustrator: Doodlemum. Please let me know if this is inappropriate, definitely done without any ill intent as I love your work! If you want to check the board, my Pinterest name is rosas6. Many thanks x

  166. Oh my!! So talented mom…am very keen on viewing more of your doodles by following your blog!! Nice to find your blog.

  167. Hi, just to say I totally enjoy your doodles very much! Being a mother of a 6 yr old, can totally connect. 🙂

  168. I love your drawings. Very inspirational.

  169. Doodlemum u r awesome!

  170. just found your blog and loving it! I’m also new at keeping a daily journal, mostly for lists and tracking the life of my furry-child, Handsome the puppy. 🙂

  171. I adore your super cute illustrations and am totally obsessed with all of them! 🙂 You are such an inspiration for a beginner like me. I would be pleased if you chech my blog.

    Keep drawing! 🙂

  172. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Thank you for sharing it with us! Makes me smile every time I see a new piece 🙂

  173. Just bought your book. My husband and I are going to North Carolina in 2 weeks for our 10 year wedding anniversary so, I’m bring you along with me! Can’t wait… I truly enjoy getting your doodles in my “Reader” on WordPress!!

  174. Hi doodlemum, my mum and I are big fans of your drawings they always make us smile, and I wanted to ask you how to go about copyright? My mum has a cartoon that she draws and wanted to potentially do something with it but I think copyrighting her work would be an important step! Thankyou!

  175. Your doodles are beautiful!

  176. I am reading… enjoying your book!! You bring such beauty and fun to the world of families!! I have felt a bit alone in my search of other bloggers… there are so many crass… negative blogging mamas out there… makes me a bit sad. But your book… your daily sketches have brought me some hope that other mom’s see the beauty in their lives… their families!! Thank You!

  177. I have found your page trying to track down the Multasking image (girl, book, wine, cat). Is it available for sale? Love your work!

  178. Love your illustrations. Came across them quite accidentally trying to get an image for “On the shoulders of giants.”

  179. I just found your site. I love your sketches so much! We are both moms but the way you express our experiences is so artistic. I will definitely follow you!

  180. Hello there! I just wanted to tell you that I adore your artwork and have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

  181. Hi Doodlemum, I just came across your site and love your drawings! The way you take snapshots of family life and turn them into something so precious and humouress. I would really like to get something like this of my family, is this something you would be willing and able to re produce from a photo ? For a fee of course . Please advise……thanks!

  182. Wow. Love your doodles. What a lovely way to write about family life. x

  183. Hi, I always love your work. I was wondering is you would like to be featured on my little Kitty Art Sundays, post. I have a gallery where I feature different artists. I include and links and information you may want to include. Here’s the link. (hoping you say yes) 🙂


  184. Hi Angie, I’m a recent blogger and have found your blog quite recently as well and absolutely loved it!!!!!
    Love your illustrations and what you write as well!!!!
    Wish you all the best,


  185. Love, love, love your drawings ! Looking forward to exploring your blog more !

  186. Hello Doodlemum.
    I discovered your site (just this morning) thanks to a fellow-blog-friend of me.
    I must say, I absolutely love your drawings, they activate my imagination buttons in my head. I can imagine how the pictures would fit in several untold stories.
    Just want to give you big compliments and I will keep an eye on your site.
    Greetings from a drawer that melts it into words… a writer. 😀
    Michiel Ziet
    (Michiel Sees)

  187. doodling everyday. das it. inspiring

  188. Such cute illustrations. I particularly love the ones with the dog and cat. Please let us know if you offer prints (available for U.S. delivery).

  189. Have you got an Instagram account? I am not on Twitter or Facebook but regularly check your website, makes me smile! Thank you.

  190. I just started sketching about a week ago and I stumbled on your blog. I really love the drawings that you do, and I love your style!

  191. Hi, Doodlemum,

    Just wanted to let you know, I’ve been following your blog on and off over the years and it has been an absolute joy. Needless to say, your doodles always brightened my day. I just sent over an email with additional thoughts to share. Best wishes in the coming year and looking forward to seeing your work ahead!


    maria moon

  192. I know you are super busy but I have still nominated you for A Blogging recognition award on my site because you are inspirational!
    Thank you

  193. I absolutely love your work! My little one (whose 2) loves your book. Just wondering what kind of pens/markers/pencils do you use for your sketches? it almost looks like a watercolour?

  194. Angie, would you be able/willing to produce about half a dozen random ‘doodles’ for the next Showcase at ‘the zen space’? I can’t offer payment, but I like to feature a different take on art with each showcase. I would love to see something by you there. You’ll have a free hand to draw whatever the whole idea of the webzine suggests to you – or pick a subject close to home, I don’t mind. 🙂


  195. Just nominated you for an award. Rather time consuming, so feel free to follow through or ignore it. Hopefully, I can send a few followers your way.

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