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The sun finally dragged itself from behind the Swansea perma-cloud this weekend for a brief, glimpse of warmth before the next rainy deluge.
It was what the wildlife in our garden was waiting for. All the bugs, bees, butterflies and other pollen loving beasties made their annual pilgrimage to our flowering ivy.

Evie was the first to immerse herself in fluttering red admirals. She dipped apple slices in sugar water and stood by the ivy waiting for one of them to sample some sugary loveliness.



Autumn starlings.

The swifts and swallows have gone. Only to be replaced by the chatterings of gathered starlings weighing down the telegraph wires.


Wet cat.

Here he comes, expecting a lap to dry out on…
wet wet wet


Hello Autumn, I’m ready for you.


Hold onto those ears Bonnie…


Good stick hunting.


Is it still summer then?

Evie is ever defiant.
is it still summer

The day before tomorrow.

Getting the lunches ready for our return to school tomorrow. Uniforms are hanging ominously ironed and neat upstairs.
I’m already wearing mine…jeans, t-shirt, trainers and a wearied smile.
packing lunch

All the leaves are brown.


And it wasn’t me…

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