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Competition. (Now closed)

Well this Thursday my book “Doodlemum. A year of family life”, will finally be published by Two Roads Books

To mark this mega exciting occasion, I would like to run a drawing competition! This is open to everyone who can pick up a pen and is willing to use it! Artistic skills are not necessary although if you want to show off you can too!

I have one Doodlemum book in front of me that has been autographed by the whole family, (I will endeavour to get animal paw prints but can’t guarantee I can get Arnie to do the honours….) it comes complete with a tea bag too (so you can have a drink on me).

The winner will get the book with an original drawing inside by myself.
The three runners up will get a drawing by me.

To win we would like you to send us a drawing, just upload it to or to the comments section of this post, by photo, flicker, as long as we can see the picture!
The drawing must be an original drawing of your family or a family member.

The KIDS are going to judge the winners so any dodgy (unsuitable for kids) drawings will be vetted by me first….

Good luck, get doodling and on Thursday (publication day) I’ll announce the winners. Remember DRAWING SKILLS NOT NECESSARY! So there’s no excuse….

over to you

The life and times of my pram.

Well you didn’t think I wasn’t going to give my trusty hot wheels a good send off did you?

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Boys and Girls.

The difference is plain to hear!

Changing your child’s nappy in public.

Title says it all really, one big battle waged at four feet off the ground with poo thrown in for good measure. Joyo.


for who?

Tiddle, taddle, toddle.

Gruff’s not quite walking yet. He’s taking steps here and there but not quite the toddler just yet.
At eighteen months he’s another late walker in our family but it’s not long before I say goodbye to the baby phase forever.

Food in flight.

Things that I have had lobbed at me today:
Tomato, rice, chicken, sausage roll, egg, toast and a beaker.
I hope Gruff prefers eating tomorrow instead of throwing his food at his mother.

Can I dig it?

Elbows deep, Gruff is in soil heaven.

Ball Pit of despair….the solution.

Happily suggested by jemjabella and challenged by Alice at spaghettithoughts


Ball Pit of despair.

Balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out.
And why, I ask myself, is the point of a ball pit, if my son insists on throwing ALL the balls out of it?

A Grassy Adventure.

Nothing like a spot of al fresco crawling, is there Gruff?

Food Fight.

It appears that I’ve become redundant in the feeding arena completely now!

One of those days.

And I shan’t say any more than that. Hrmph.

More toilet humour.

What is it with Gruff and his fascination for our toilet? I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be fishing dinosaurs, building blocks, beakers…etc, out of the toilet.

Gruff is finally weaning.

Slowly but it is happening. He’s gone to sleep without a feed for two nights running so far.  He’s 16 months now.

Perhaps the end is in sight.

Born to be wild…

One small step for a boy.

Gruff took a step yesterday and one again today. The start of becoming a little boy. How fab for him, it’s an exciting time. It’s a worrying time for Evie and her dinosaurs…

This is my tummy!

Stand Up.

Gruff stood alone for 3 seconds today and spent the rest of the evening attempting to do the same….here we go…late off the blocks again but he’s on the way.

The World is so much better upside down…

…don’t you think?

More Teething.

Nothing settles Gruff when he’s teething.

Good evening sir, I see we have requested my presence, what is it to be tonight?

Bonjela and teething powder cocktail? Or would a Calpol and Nurophen mixer go down well tonight sir? May I recommend the special sir? Yes that’s the cuddle, works very well and can go on for as long as sir wishes.

And we have peace for the now.

Early Morning.

Gruff wakes early, I can’t complain as he is sleeping through now which is great. Get the kettle on, I need tea.

Gruff, the creator and destroyer of towers.

Built this post up a bit.
Sorry will stop making silly puns. Just look at the piccie!

Dickle dickle

Here come the first words from Gruff…unfortunately Evie is far too ill to tolerate an affectionate little bruiser of a brother.

A Familiar Threesome…

Gruff is now in his own room…..but not quite yet in his cot completely.

Ya Boob Sucks !


For the bright cheeked little one…

He’s gone.

Into his own room, its big without a cot in it. Very big….very empty….

I think I’m alright with that…I think I am…

We’ll get used to it.



Bath time.

And who is having the bath, me or the monsters?

Baby Led Weaning…

..expect mess…and stand well back, especially when using spaghetti…

Separation Anxiety…

…has kicked in with Gruff.

Happy Birthday

Gruff is one today. We got him a toy rocket with little astronauts to put in it….the girls enjoyed it too! Happy Birthday my little man.

Baby Clinic.

Gruff, time for a weigh in and some vaccinations!


It’s been a very hard week. Gruff has been ill and teething which has resulted in me not getting much sleep. Things seem much harder when you’re tired.

I’ve seen a tooth appear in his gum this morning so hopefully the end is in sight, we shall see.

Late night discord.

I don’t think this needs any words, apart from yes I am a grumpy cow, especially when sleep deprived.

Dirty Boy. (My 100th post)!

Baby Wipes.

Note to self, do not leave baby wipes in the path of a curious 11 month old.


Baby Tsunami

Pit Stop

It’s like changing the nappy off a flailing octopus….

Insomniac Baby.

It’s probably teething, the red face, the profuse sea of dribble, the refusal to sleep for more than one hour at a time.

It probably is…yes…something like that.

The Baby Shop.

Gruff and Drink.

The various forms of drink that my 10 month old enjoys…..

What’s sleep?

Gruff isn’t a brilliant sleeper. He’s waking a lot at the moment.

Maybe more teeth on the way?

He just comes in and we manage to get a little sleep that way.

Gruff and Arnie.

Gruff has decided to stop piling on the cat Arnie and Arnie has decided that Gruff no longer poses a threat and will not try and rip out his fur or pluck his whiskers. They quite like each others company.

Food spreader..

What is it with babies and food? They have to throw it as far away from their mouths as humanly possible and then expect you to fetch it back (even if it means peeling it off the person sat at the table next to you).

Positions in the marital bed…..

oh the joy of co-sleeping….

Nighty Night…..zzzzzzzzzzz

What’s sleep?

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