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Fifteen years.

She draws, she loves jaffa cakes and has the biggest heart going. Happy birthday Millie, I think we need more room for all our sketchbooks.
millie 15[1921]

Maid of my heart.

Day fourteen of Inktober, Happy Birthday Evie my beautiful girl, born on this day ten years ago into swirling waters complete in your caul. I love you my little mermaid.


Brand new headphones this year to plug the world and its many memes straight into your head, graphic novels with zombies in and a tonne of drawing stuff.
She’s doing great.

millies 14th

Seven years in Swansea.

Gruff is now seven years old.

There has been another football added to the growing army of bouncy spheres in his possession. There are more wrestlers and cars. More noise and more opinion too.
Best of all is that there are more laughs and hugs.





We have a teenager in the house. Happy birthday Millie!

When you are six…

You can dance in your onesie while sword-fighting with a roll of wrapping paper after eating a hideous amount of chocolate cake.
when you are six


I’ve been trying to quietly wrap a very shouty Incredible Hulk toy for Gruff’s birthday tomorrow. It’s not going well, Hulk is insisting he has to smash everything and we’re going to have to have words…
hulk smash

Happy Birthday.

Evie is eight today. She has a new collection of wild cats and dinosaur books, There is a humongous chocolate cake waiting to be eaten when she gets home from school too.
Happy birthday pipsqueak.
evie is eight

What’s my age again?

Gruff has been very excited about his Dad’s birthday this year. So much so, he’s plastered his card with the magic number…

birthday dad

Achey cakey.

Yes it’s my birthday today and I have made cake, been bought cake and have been baked cake. I am too stuffed with cake.


Thanks Gruff, I feel so much better now.
party like its your birthday


Happy birthday to my little sparkler.
five today

Birthday eve.

It’s Gruff’s fifth birthday tomorrow, he is so excited. No, he is beyond excited. He is in the beyond excited realm that little boys go to on the eve of their birthday.
Please, please go to sleep, I have presents to wrap!
birthday eve

Evie is seven.

Lots of cake and lots of presents (some fluffy some doll shaped, one jigsaw shaped and a pile of books).
Happy Birthday my sweetest, chattiest ray of sunshine.
evie is seven

Millie’s party.

Celebrating your birthday with the most lovely bunch of friends, absolutely priceless!
Oh and Bonnie was allowed out at the end to hoover up the jelly…
party time may 2014


I’ve been making Millie’s birthday cake for her party tomorrow.
It’s got character, I’ll bet it tastes nice too…I hope….
cakey cakey

Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

Candles and cake…

…have been waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away, slice anyone?

Mummy is forty today…

…please bring her wine and stand well back…
i am forty

There be pirates…

Gruff had a pirate ship for his birthday, it’s great for getting rid of Evie’s surplus dolly stock.

Best party, ever.

best party

If I knew you were coming…

…I’d have baked a birthday cake!
baked a cake



Daddy’s birthday.

Cards, cake and a walk to the beach, the sun always shines on Daddy’s birthday.

daddys birthday

Ten years old.

Your turn to make a wish now, I got mine ten years ago. Happy birthday lovely.


Happy Birthday.

Gruff is three today, blow those candles out and make a wish!

Birthday eve.

It’s a certain little boy’s birthday tomorrow. The superhero cake he requested is being held together by tonnes of icing , there are sword shaped parcels and home made cards ready.
Just need to keep someone’s fingers from stealing any more icing.

Bows and Arrows.

Apart from gorge on chocolate cake, fire arrows for an hour and play with all her Doctor Who toys, what more would a nine year girl want to do on her birthday?
I belive we have one very happy birthday bunny.

Nine Years.

Nine years ago I said goodbye to me and hello to us.
Happy Birthday Millie, my beautiful star.

Birthday Riots.

Cake, dog salivating after cake, cat salivating after cake, wrapping paper, boxes, lots of little toy men with swords, a rampaging knight and a squealing princess.
I’d like to lie down for a bit now….

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