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Romans go home.

Evie has a set of story books based in Roman times. I think they’re quite realistic. She says she loves reading them. As long as I don’t get any requests for a pet lion I’ll be happy…





Story time.

This is a tricky business these days as everyone wants a go at reading the story!
story bedtime

Books can give you ideas.

Gruff has taken that one literally…
books are useful

Libraries gave us power…

…robot power. Great picking books when you’re five and obsessed with robot graphic novels.
book boy

What no story?

Evie’s mastering silent reading much to the annoyance of Gruff!
silent reading


… another book out today, it’s called My Daddy Says.
It follows the first book My Mummy Says. I hope you like it.
Hopefully I’ll have some very exciting news to share tomorrow concerning Matilda and her eggs, keep your fingers crossed as we’ve had a hair raising day!

At the top of the garden.

At the top of the garden there is a chair leaning against the garage doors.
Normally Millie can be found there, knee deep in a good book amongst the dandelions.
Sometimes though, Millie’s books decide someone else should read them…
top of the garden

A story shared…

…is a story loved and remembered for always.
Read to your kids, it’s bloody great!
Happy world book day.
worldbook day 2014

My mummy…

…has been very busy and illustrated this fab book written by Justine Smith, published today.
I’m super proud of it and the little girl who always loved to draw stories is very happy she kept hold of her dream for so many years.
Back to more drawings tomorrow I promise!

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