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I like the word Fin. Means “the end” in French.
We’ve stopped breastfeeding, it’s been two days now.
Gruff is fine with it, has not asked and is a very happy boy. We’ve cut down so gradually that it’s just petered out rather than ended.
Me, I’m a tempest of hormones. Please let it pass quickly! (until then, there’s chocolate).
Ah well, end of one very happy and successful journey. We’re ready to move on now.
I’ve breast fed my children for a total of 4 years. Think it’s time to order some decent bras now…

Gruff is finally weaning.

Slowly but it is happening. He’s gone to sleep without a feed for two nights running so far.  He’s 16 months now.

Perhaps the end is in sight.

Ya Boob Sucks !


I am so predictable, well it is hard deciding what to wear although I’m not sure whether other fashionistas have the same issues as me!


I’m still breastfeeding Gruff, he’s now 10 months old.

Gruff and Drink.

The various forms of drink that my 10 month old enjoys…..

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