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Blown in hope against a sea blue sky.


Popping candy.

Must be eaten open mouthed for full impact. I still love the stuff.

popping candy

Spider walking.

Much better than normal walking…apparently…

spider walking


yoga cat


Our beach trip started with the best intentions but it was a little too cold for Evie today.


New chicks.

Meet our two latest additions to our chicken family, Bluebell and Gumball. They’re very young and won’t be laying for probably another month or so. They are very tame and don’t seem phased by all the commotion the other other chickens are raging at them through their mesh partition.
new chicks

At onesie.

In one’s onesie in the garden, in the rain, as you do when you’re eight.


Mousey in the housey.

Four ‘o clock this morning, on Evie’s bed. One proud cat, one horrified daughter, one obliging Dad.

Mousey in the housey


Must be getting warmer, the freckles have descended in our house on the pastier of our clan (including me).



We have a teenager in the house. Happy birthday Millie!

Full of it.

Evie’s caught a cold.

full of it


Evie threw a tea party for all her cats and kittens (and herself of course) but the guest of honour was Arnie who had real fish on a plate.


Ant herding.

Keeps him busy for hours and as long as he doesn’t bring them in the house.
ant herding



Spaceships and stuff.

All of us like Star Wars. We’ve had a Chewbacca masterclass tonight and it turns out that the dog does the best Chewbacca impersonation when she yelps in her sleep.
Tomorrow’s lesson will be make a Milenium Falcon out of tin foil, sticky tape and a biscuit tub…

space ships and stuff




A visit to the vet.

Bonnie had her yearly check-up today and has passsed with flying colours. Don’t know why Arnie is looking so smug, his appointment is tomorrow…

a visit to the vet

Sun’s out, dog’s out.

My dog doesn’t do tanlines. At the first hint of sun she’s out the back garden chasing rays.

suns out dogs out

The “S” word.

Back to school, Mondayitis and chocolate egg withdrawal symptoms. Happy faces all round…
s word


Gruff is all bones and ribs at the moment.


Sound effects.

Hulk’s taken a right pasting today from a Thundercat. Don’t think Evie’s Ana stood a chance. Tomorrow it’s Han Solo versus Superman.

sound effects

And then there were two.

Another one appeared this morning…

and then there were two


Evie had a sewing kit for Christmas. She’s really enjoyed making little pillows and other garments for her toys to waer.

Today she created Kitty. Kitty was made out of her old vest and stuffed with pillow stuffing. She drew Kitty’s face on with felt tip.
I’ve told her not to feed it after midnight…


Upside down dog.

Upside down Bonnie looks so much fiercer than right side up as her jowly mouth exposes all her teeth…
upside down dog

Mucky pup.

Easter holidays and my children revert to their natural ferel type.

mucky pup

Tea minion.

Millie made me a cup of tea today for the first time and it was perfect. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows how much tea I drink. Today is a very happy day!

tea minion

Easter eggs.

Three children equals a lof of chocolate Easter eggs and Bunnies. I suppose I’m going to have to do the decent thing and help them eat it!

chocolate eggs

Cleopatra and Bugs.

After a frantic week gluing and painting, Cleopatra and her god-egg of mummifiaction and Bugs Bunny had a whale of a time at their parade today.

cleo and bugs

Sticking and gluing.

Well it’s that time of year again. It’s Easter Bonnet Parade time and it’s just Gruff making his hat this year as Evie is making an Easter Egg for her competition.

This year’s creation has involved an awful lot of glue and cotton wool…

Easter cafts 2016

Full of it.

Millie’s full of cold at the moment. Discarded snotty tissues litter our lounge where they were cast off after another nose blowing.

full of it

Old Ted.

My teddy bear from my childhood has been adopted by Evie. She has decided that he needs looking after and if I am not cuddling him, she should take over.
Gruff has been distraught at this prospect as he thinks I don’t love my teddy bear anymore.
I had to tell him that I do still love him, I love him enough to share him with Evie.

He’s quite a looker these days, he has my Grandfather’s sock sewn onto the back and a bandage for his tummy. He has one arm and lost his nose many moons ago. He has been to University, he has watched me draw and grow while he slowly fell apart.

I have had to spend the evening cuddling my Teddy bear to reassure Gruff that I do still love him…I’m sure Ted’s looking happier now, what do you think?

old ted#

Spring is here.

It’s 13 celcius, the sun is out in Swansea. Off with the socks!

spring is here


…my fridge-freezer had iced itself up so much it’s gone ka-put. The dog is made up as she’s getting left-overs galore.
de frosting

Helping hands.

Gruff has a pair of very large Hulk hands. He has brushed his teeth in them, stroked the cat in them (cat was not amused), attempted putting his shoes on in them, tried to drink and eat in them.

I do believe he’s currently asleep still wearing them…

helping hands


Millie’s hair is super long at the moment!


Mother’s day.

I’ve been spoilt with Ice Cream from Joe’s and lovely drawn cards. I’ll leave you with Millie’s contribution.

mothers day 2016

Happy World Book Day.


St David’s Day.

Which means most of today was spent waving daffodils, eating welshcakes and definitely singing. Wales may be a small country but we do our national day proud.
Happy St David’s day.

St Davids day 2016


Millie was sent home from school today. She’s not very well. Arnie is on call as cat nurse.


I’ve tidied my room.

ive tidied my room

Sofa pile up.

Sofa pile up

Growing pains.

Pains up and down the lower legs, always at night too. They hurt!
growing pains

Hair today.

hair today

Coat cape.

I am not wearing my coat properly. It won’t catch the wind if I don’t let it slide of my shoulders like so.

Neat and tidy is so last year…



Evie decided to give Gruff all her pennies from her money box today as he’s been a bit under the weather. We now have one very happy boy who has plans to spend it on as many sweets as quickly as possible…(and hopefully share a few with his sister).



The return of the cat pillow.

The colder weather this week has seen the retirn of the nocturnal visits of cat pillow. Evie has been wondering why her dreams have featured a lot of purring…

the reurn of the cat pillow

Jam tarts.

Made with jam, ate with love…
jam tarts

At the end of the day.

Old battered, fluffy friends there for you on good days and bad. Night night.
at the end of the day

That’s nice…

Oh that’s a lovely picture Gruff, what is it?
“It’s our house after it’s been blown up by a giant robot”.
Ah right, I see, that’s nice…
thats nice

Pancake day.

Squeeze of lemon, sugar, roll it up and eat all at once!
pancake day 2016


A happy pastime of my lot…

The life of a box.

This particular box is enjoying it’s retirement being a des res for Gruff and Arnie. Neither are happy sharing but neither will be the one to get out first.

box life

Tune in and drop out.

Millie loves to put on her headphones and listen to music at the end of a busy day.tune in and drop out


Gruff’s all arms and legs at the moment. He’s grown a lot over the winter. I’m hoping for a slow down so I can keep up with the amount of trousers he’s grown out of!

Return of the cake.

I’m delighted to tell you that after a thirty day absence, cake has returned to the Stevens’ household.

It’s been far too long, where have you been!


return of the cake

Urban sprawl.

Nothing to do?


Just drop to the floor and sprawl. You know it makes sense…

urban sprawl

Big cat little cat.

Best. Onsie. Ever.

best onsie ever



They see me rolling…

Roller skating, utterly terrifying. I can still remember the feeling of the ground giving way and falling. (I’m still rubbish).

Evie had a particularly hard time of it today.

They see me rolling


Indoor camping.

The bed has been squeezed out of the way for Evie’s sleepover with her friend tonight, I’ve  put them in the tent instead with loads of torches, lamps and lights.
Not sure there’ll be much sleep to be had  judging from the amount of giggling I can hear right now…
indoor camping

Sneaky den building.

Sometimes those computer games are no match for building an epic den with every single itme from your bedroom, (and your brother’s)…
sneaky den

The thinking hat.

Reasons Evie likes to do her maths homework in a very large hat.

1). Large hats are cool, very cool.

2). Large hats amplify brainwaves.

3). It keeps unwanted siblings and pets away from the table.

4). No one can spot the stolen jaffa cakes you are secretly scoffing whilst doing maths homework…

maths hat


lounging (2)


So the torrential rain for the last three months has finally given way to freezing cold days, we’ve dug out our winter attire. Rocking the snoods this year although I think Gruff’s may need a little adjusting…



I want to put the Christmas lights back up, I really do. Is January over yet? Can I hibernate?



It’s winter, it’s Swansea, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say it rains a fair bit around here.
But no need for a coat. Millie won’t wear one.
She makes me cold looking at her…

Go and put something tidy on.

dress casually


closedGruff has unexpectedly closed. Please restart Gruff. If this does not work please run an overnight re-boot.

December the 22nd.

dec 22 2015

December the 20th.

Well it’s that or Tardis slippers…
dec 20 2015

December the 19th.

dec 19 2015

December the 18th.

Never, ever trevor is this happening…

dec 18 2015

December the 17th.

dec 17 2015

December the 16th.

The fluffier the better!
dec 16 2015

December the 15th.

Absolutely no lurgy please!

dec 15 2015

December the 14th.

Nearly time for the Doctor Who Christmas special! Have to have Christmas dinner finished by time it starts!
dec 14 2015

December the 12th.

dec 12 2015

December the 9th.

Keep the mince pies coming please…
dec 9 2015

December the 8th.

Of course there should always be books for Christmas!
dec 8 2015

December the 3rd.

But maybe one from a Christmas cracker perhaps Gruff?
dec 3 2015

December the 1st.

Hurray for tea! The perfect antidote to a busy day. Mine’s a bucketful!
dec 1 2015

Bendy boy.

No one will play twister with Gruff. Can you see why? He is part jellyfish I swear…

bendy boy

Brush well.

Spot the toothbrush chewer.

brush well

Remote control.


When you are six…

You can dance in your onesie while sword-fighting with a roll of wrapping paper after eating a hideous amount of chocolate cake.
when you are six

It’s a plait thing.

plait thing




Evie and Gruff have been making their own spooky stuff this afternoon. They made a coffin out of a toilet roll for a wine cork Dracula. Frankenstein was “created” out of an old tampon box and an army of multicoloured wool pom pom spiders have made Arnie’s day.
Now to find the dog and cat under all this …

Doctor cat.

Gruff’s had an unsettled night with growing pains again.
In the midst of crying, we hear a little meow from the door and in prowls Dr cat.
Up he leaps, settles by Gruff’s side, and starts his purring lullaby.
Five minutes later, both are asleep.
Thanks Dr cat.
Dr cat


Evie’s made a little red cape out of paper and now her toy cat possesses awesome super-powers…

I’m not tired.

You so are Gruff…
im not tired

Cross my path with spiders…

cross my path with spiders

Books can give you ideas.

Gruff has taken that one literally…
books are useful

I ‘aint got nobody.

no one will play with me


…lots of them, towers of bread. I sliced through eight rounds tonight in one go, living dangerously…

Giant hair stacks.

Gruff is well overdue a good haircut. He’s got away with it for the moment until his elbow heals but then I think I would quite like to find the boy inside the hair stack…
a lot of hair


Evie and Gruff completed their first ever 1 kilometre race today, I’m super proud of them and they’re super proud of their very shiny medals.
Mum got one too but she had to run 10 kilometres to get hers but to be cheered on by your own children is just the best.

The spider has left the building…

It’s good to have a big sister that can turf out those September invaders…
spider has left the building

Little Miss Bump.

Evie learnt what chairs do when you lean back on them today. We have a nice imprint of a radiator on the back of her head…ouch.
little miss bump

The dog ate my car.

dog ate my car


From dinosaurs to big cats, Evie’s other great love is getting dressed for a party. The bigger and swishier the dress, the better! She’s spent most of the afternoon creating mini tornadoes from the vast amount of air current generated from spinning around for so long…

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