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Bright, bright lights.

Swansea is glowing. NASA have confirmed we are shining out to the universe a message of neon and tinsel through the endless, cold rain and wind. Even through the grey, permanent cloud that envelopes the city in a wet hug, we are shining. I haven’t tripped over in the dark all week, it’s lovely and bright.

Every plug socket, overloaded with nine cable extensions, of course it’s safe, they’re LED’s, plug it in Mam, light it up.

We are so bright, we are shining, come on then Santa we haven’t got all month you know, can’t you see we’ve been ever so good?

Now pass me a mince pie, no it is my first one, honest.


There is a fine art to putting up your Christmas decorations and lights.

Too early, you’re too quick of the blocks and you’re obviously trying to be the first one in the street to light up. Too late,  you’re simply a misery guts!

Another week and I may cave in to pressure but it’ll probably take more than that to get me crawling around the loft in between the fiberglass insulation looking for the deccies box.

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