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Fa la la.

Yes it has been quiet here hasn’t it but one pair of hands I have and trust me, I’m very good at burning food and leaving ingredients out of cakes this time of year. Hectic rushing does indeed send me into a headless chicken state.

Yes Frannie can indeed sleep two legged. This is her version of staying off the sofa.

Yes the cats sleep like that, how else does a cat sleep? Please let me know if your cat sleeps in a sensible spot.

Yes my teenager is far superior at decorating a trifle than I will ever be.

Yes Millie is at university and I’m still shocked about that but she’s home and there is washing but smiles too.

I wish you a peaceful time and with much love because it is always better than sprouts.


Window cleaners are overrated.

Had to paint the window for Christmas, other windows in the house have had a makeover too. Beats cleaning them.

Bright, bright lights.

Swansea is glowing. NASA have confirmed we are shining out to the universe a message of neon and tinsel through the endless, cold rain and wind. Even through the grey, permanent cloud that envelopes the city in a wet hug, we are shining. I haven’t tripped over in the dark all week, it’s lovely and bright.

Every plug socket, overloaded with nine cable extensions, of course it’s safe, they’re LED’s, plug it in Mam, light it up.

We are so bright, we are shining, come on then Santa we haven’t got all month you know, can’t you see we’ve been ever so good?

Now pass me a mince pie, no it is my first one, honest.

Ghosts of Christmas past.

A little mix of my best bits at Christmas.
I wish you all a peaceful time and remember kindness is always better than a plateful of sprouts.

Christmas spirit

Been laid up ill with flu. That was fun. Somehow it’s now Christmas and I’m in headless chicken panic mode.

The Moonbeam club.


We go way back the moon and me. I’ve walked many times in the dark over the years when the moon has been high and bright in the sky.

One night, I walked up the garden in my pyjamas, clutching a howling newborn. The moonlight was a welcome distraction whilst I soothed my little bundle of noise.

Some nights, the sky has been filled with the noise of drunks singing, some nights have been filled with barking dogs and other nights, there was simply the whisper of trees and wind.
One full moon, I heard the shrieks of a tawny owl over a floodlit valley.

I’ve huddled under a bridge while the moon shone, hoping my problems would melt away but it just shone as close as it could to my crouching figure in the shadows.

And one time, I walked in despair, neither caring nor looking and the moon continued to shine.

Last night I walked in the cold, solstice, moonshine and it shone right through me and dog for our whole walk.

I was taking a walk with an old friend you see.

I’m sure there are many people taking a walk tonight to escape this time of year and I hope they find their answers under the moon or at least know they are not alone.
Wishing you all a peaceful time at mid winter. To moonlit nights.

Happy Christnas.

Signing off for time with my tribe. Have a peaceful Christmas and please give a sprout a chance.

Wrap and roll.



Christmas wrapping paper, present buying, panic, panic, panic. I am not ready for Christmas, I haven’t even got the decorations out of the loft yet. The whole street is lit up like an airport landing strip and our house sits in darkness.
Hang on a minute, it’s only the 5th of December.
When did Christmas start this early?
Santa gets Elves, I want an elf, an organised one please.

Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Here’s a animated GIF file for you to spread some festive fun.

Be kind to those sprouts and eat one for me.



Bonnie’s Christmas Wish.


December the 24th.

dec 24 2015
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, I hope it includes sprouts, they’re a most misunderstood vegetable and my children hate them as equally as Monday mornings.
Thank you for all your comments and likes this year, I will keep drawing. See you around!

December the 23rd.

dec 23 2015

December the 22nd.

dec 22 2015

December the 21st.

dec 21 2015

December the 20th.

Well it’s that or Tardis slippers…
dec 20 2015

December the 19th.

dec 19 2015

December the 18th.

Never, ever trevor is this happening…

dec 18 2015

December the 17th.

dec 17 2015

December the 15th.

Absolutely no lurgy please!

dec 15 2015

December the 14th.

Nearly time for the Doctor Who Christmas special! Have to have Christmas dinner finished by time it starts!
dec 14 2015

December the 13th.

In your dreams doggo…
dec 13 2015

December the 12th.

dec 12 2015

December the 11th.

dec 11 2015

December the 10th.

Now that would be a lovely Christmas present!
dec 10 2015

December the 9th.

Keep the mince pies coming please…
dec 9 2015

December the 8th.

Of course there should always be books for Christmas!
dec 8 2015

December the 6th.

We have a Christmas hat for Bonnie but she’d much rather shred it than wear it…
dec 6 2015

December the 5th.

The Christmas tree is now dominating our dining room and the cat has taken up residence inside it. Feeling much more Chrismassy now!

dec 5 2015

December the 4th.

dec 4 2015

December the 3rd.

But maybe one from a Christmas cracker perhaps Gruff?
dec 3 2015

December the 2nd.

Arnie would like fish for Christmas and complete and utter rule over the dog.

dec 2 2015


Mollie is my friend’s dog and she’s here for a mini break for a few days. Can’t say Arnie is too impressed by having another dog in the house but Bonnie is made up!


Nothing to see here.

Shhhh I’m sneaking down the Christmas decorations. My theory is that it will cause less disgruntlement in the ranks.
nothing to see hear

The unicorn.

Have I mentioned that Santa brought Evie a very big, fluffy, glow in the dark unicorn for Christmas?

Happy Christmas.

I’m hemmed in by a sea of wrapping paper, a huge fluffy glow in the dark unicorn, a talking robot, random lego and a Hadrian’s wall of toys. The kids are having a whale of a time as I’m on cleaning strike.

Hope yours was a peaceful one with lots of sprouts.
hibernate 2014

Christmas Eve.

I normally can’t get them to bed.
No you cannot got to bed yet! It’s only half past six in the evening…
christmas eve


Myles and myself have been making Christmas crackers for the kids to pull on Christmas Day. We’ve even managed to get hold of some snaps to create the bang (if they manage to pull them apart as I’ve used far too much sticky tape).


Chocolate wrapper roulette.

Find a chocolate amid a sea of empty wrappers.
choccie roulette

Great cake mistakes.

So when is the best time to realise that you forgot to add flour to your Christmas cake recipe?
a) Five minutes into cooking.
b) One hour into cooking.
Answers to the console yourself in brandy woman at Doodlemum.
bad cake

Wrapping paper.

Can somebody tell me how to carry rolls of wrapping paper without looking like a drunk giraffe?
wrapping paper

Don’t blink…

Millie has told Evie and Gruff that there is a weeping angel at the top of the tree…
weeping tree angel-2


Fair play, that’s a decent list, I think Santa can work with this. Although as we already have an enormous fluffy hedgehog in our house, two would be a bit of a squeeze…


Off to bed, feeling very sorry for myself. Bah humbug.

Tree hugger.

tree hugger


…advent calendars are amazing. Why don’t I have one? I may have to remedy that…
advent calendars

Decorate the halls…

…oh, hello December what brings you around here so quickly. I’m feeling a little unprepared for you this year. No panic, there’s a full 576 hours to go.
decorate the halls

Running with tree.

Yes running very fast with the Christmas tree out the back door so it doesn’t shed too many needles over everything.
Bloody thing fought me every step of the way.
tree running

Santa’s been!

A very happy Christmas to you all and remember, a sprout is not just for Christmas, it will probably be around until about New Year when your kids will celebrate their demise…
santas been

Every good boy…

…deserves a visit from Father Christmas, (especially one that tidy their toys away).
good boy

Christmas cake.

Baked and iced by Mum, decorated by the kids. Can you tell?

I’m Santa…

…no, I’m Santa.
Everyone wants to be Santa but we know there’s only one and it won’t be long now…
Im Santa

Mary the fairy…

…is again sitting on top of our Christmas tree!
tree 2013


…no Evie it is still not Christmas yet…


…a time of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting….
xmas yet


It’s that time of year again? Oh flip, I hope Father Christmas has put me on the good list…more moleskines please!

I am the King.

Loving my first nativity concert of the year am breaking open the mince pies early to celebrate…

The Christmas holidays are over.

holidays are ove

Christmas Day.

Haven’t seen the children much today but come to think of it haven’t seen the floor either or the bottom of the port bottle yet.
Happy Christmas.
xmas day 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town…

…and we have left him a mince pie, a bottle of beer and an umbrella. (Well it is Swansea).
Wishing you all the very merry of Christmases, I hope it’s a peaceful one with sprouts.

Christmas Eve Eve.

Are the animals on Santa’s naughty list or Santa’s nice list has been the discussion of the day.
Christmas eve eve

Christmas Lurgy.

No no no no no! Husband has brought home evil work lurgy thing days before Christmas!
I am armed with bleach bottle and hot water….
christmas lurgy

The nightmare shopping trip before Christmas.

To anyone I bopped with my wrapping paper rolls, sorry.

nightmare before christmas

Secret cake eater.

Well I’ve gone and blown it, on the naughty list now for sure…
secret cake eater

Christmas cake.

Mixed, brandied (with pleasure), and baked.
Marzipaned and iced.
Decorated and pockmarked by children with sticky fingers..
Not to be eaten in slivers, only wedges.
Can I hear the kettle boiling?
christmas cake


Angels, kings, and a little group of cheeky robins (loving the wiggle Gruff).

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Christmas Concert – Brownies.

Jingle Bells in the single chord of D.
christmas concert1

The Christmas tree.

A true assault on all senses this year. Shame my lot can’t remove themselves from it yet to appreciate its full splendour…
christmas tree2012




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Christmas Day.

Lego mountains and dinosaur kingdoms.
Wooden bikes and a squirrel that squeaked for five minutes before it’s insides were ripped out.
Happy Christmas.

Who ate all the pie?

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope it’s a peaceful and happy one.

Christmas Cat.

Oh for pity’s sake.
Get out of the TREE!

Six more sleeps.

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Waiting for Santa.

Seven more sleeps.
It’s going to be a long week.

Christmas Cake.

Christmas cake time, out with the brandy….

Tree Rats.

Oi! I can see you in the tree you know.
Hand over the baubles the pair of you….


We finally got our Christmas tree home today with the help of some ratchet straps and half and hour of fiddling while the kids and the dog sat laughing at us in the car.

Wrap ’em up warm.

Winter’s coming.


Oh joy.

Time for a story…..

Bored of writing about me…..let’s have a story!

Oh and thanks for following my blog this year. Happy Christmas, I hope its a peaceful and happy one.

Doodlemum xxxx

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Three more sleeps….

Four more sleeps until Christmas!!

The excitement is starting to build, we are one very excited bunch in our house this year. I’m very excited, as I’m in cahoots with Father Christmas and he’s been dropping some hints as to what my gang will be getting…..

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