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Cold comfort.

Go away cold, go and take a hike I’m fed up of sneezing and it’s no fun drawing when you’re dripping like a tap.


Full of it.

Evie’s caught a cold.

full of it


Eight days in school and the lurgy has returned. I think this is a new record…
cold 2015

The best way to fight flu.

Gruff’s got it right, arm yourself wisely.
Oh and Arnie, I’m sure you’ll get your sofa back soon…
arm yourself

And so it continues.

Lots of flu in the house at the moment. Gruff is now ill and Millie is just starting to eat again after four lovely days of fainting, fever and coughing.
Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see happier faces.
ill boy

Bedside manner.

Gruff came home very tearful and complaining of a bad belly tonight. Whilst I was getting him some medicine, Evie popped upstairs to get his favourite teddies and she even got one for Millie too.
bedside manner


Millie’s still ill, she couldn’t even watch a whole eposiode of Dr Who.


Off to bed, feeling very sorry for myself. Bah humbug.

See you later.

Miss you already.
being ill


All children’s’ sleeves should come with sewn in hankies for the inevitable nose slide up the arm.

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