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Nose or sleeve?


And so, the Autumn wave of illness and lurgy strikes our house.
Here we go…


Gruff is a big snotty mess today, but he has made a huge leap forward from leaving it stream all over his face…

Another Snotty child.

When oh when will the winter lurgy bugger off and leave us?


Sofa Bound

The Flu siege continues. The girls are rotten. Lots of sleeping, medicine and more sickness.
Can’t do much else at the moment.

Zombie Children.

The girls have flu, they are feeling very poorly indeed.
The house looks as though Armageddon has hit it, I haven’t stopped all day. Florence Nightingale in vomit splattered jumper…
We have egg frying temperatures and lots of sickness and headaches. It doesn’t help that I’m watching a zombie series of an evening. So tonight’s theme is inspired by my little gang of walking wounded.


A winter of lurgy so far in my house.

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