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Come dine with Evie.

come dine

Dinosaur hospital…

…is now opening it’s doors. From sore necked sauropods to carnivorous meat eaters with cavities, it’s all swiftly dealt with a heap of bandages, cotton wool and a kiss better.
The doctor will see you now…
dino hospital

Meat eating dinosaurs need hugs too.

From Evie of course! (we won’t mention that it’s a life size puppet of course that Evie’s watching at a theatre show).

meat eating dinosaurs

Cat versus dinosaur army.

cat vs dino

The Smuggler.

Asking Evie if she has any toy stowaways on board before we leave for school is pointless. The answer will always be a hesitant and squeaky no.
Reminding her that she cant take dinosaurs to school, (no matter how small and how cute) is also pointless.
Either I have to invent a small plastic toy detector or it’s frisking time.
And it’s going to be tickly…

Want it.

There we are, it’s a huge blow up stegosaurus, definitely a good reason to spend all day bickering over it.

Show and Tell.

Evie’s class are covering the topic of dinosaurs and have requested that the children bring a few dinosaurs in to help.
I think I need to order the truck now as I don’t think my car is big enough to transport all of her little prehistoric friends….
Evie is a dinoholic!

More fun with stones.

…and game of the day is…Extinction.

Evie’s got a brand new bag.

I wonder what she’ll put in it?

There, there, all better now.

Wrapping the Dinoasur.

So, how does one wrap a roaring, flashing dinosaur?
With caution!
C’mon….I know you want to laugh….

Good NIght…

…sleep tight, don’t let the dinosaurs bite.



Robots versus Dinosaurs.

Revenge is robotic.

Dinosuars versus Knights.

Somehow, this one doesn’t seem fair Evie.

Where did all the dinosaurs go?

I don’t know I have no idea Evie, maybe when you went in the garden before, you may have left a few outside. I’m sure I saw a few out there earlier on….

There are Dinosaurs on my sofa…

…again, for the third time running today. I’m not pointing any fingers at Evie or anything but I feel her collection of 1000 strong dinosaurs may be contributing to the overcrowding.

It would be good to sit down without a parasaurolophus jamming into my behind.

Dinosaurs are not allowed in the bed.

Absolutely no Evie…

Christmas Dinosaur.

Heh heh heh, go on Evie get those dinosaurs ready for Christmas…


The Grand Old Duke of York, He had ten thousand Dinsoaurs.

He sat on them all day long and he wouldnt get off of them.

And when Evie tried he wouldnt budge.

And when she screamed he yawned.

And when she gave up he got rather bored,

And decided to eat them instead.

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