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December the 14th.

Nearly time for the Doctor Who Christmas special! Have to have Christmas dinner finished by time it starts!
dec 14 2015

Don’t blink…

Millie has told Evie and Gruff that there is a weeping angel at the top of the tree…
weeping tree angel-2

Behind the cushions.

It’s always the best place to be when watching Doctor Who.  Not normally letting the younger ones watch but carrot cake held my interest for far too long….


I’m sorry Millie…

We’ll try and guide you through the Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms.

It’s being recorded for when we get back.

Doctor Who is back on the TV!

I’m sorry, what did you say Millie?

My daughter is an Ood…

Well if you don’t watch Doctor Who, then you won’t get this one but maybe you’ll understand the sheer ambition and revulsion of a two year old eating noodles…

We saw daleks!

Went to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff….

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