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Bonnie loves puppies. Really loves them. She will make a beeline if she spots one in the park and will saunter up to them whimpering.
She will play with them too.
But don’t ask her to share her ball, that’ll never happen.

Bonnie’s Haiku.


Walk Bonnie walk….

Well it certainly beat doing the washing. Having fun this afternoon animating Bonnie.


You know you are not allowed upstairs Bonnie.

This is a grey area the stairs isn’t it?

Does one head count as being upstairs or on the stairs? My dog has out-thought me.



Give the dog a bone.

A nice big bit of antler. Bit of skill there jamming into your mouth sideways like that Bonnie.

give the dog a bone


Happy dog.

Wishful thinking.

No this isn’t like the Death Star Bonnie, it is not fully operation once it has been chewed and bitten. It will not bounce again and no amount of barking is going to put it back together…

broken ball

Dog breath.

your breathe stinks

Return of the den.

It’s summer holidays and the den is bigger than ever.

return of the den

Bonnie’s new bed.

Nicely scrunched up for her to curl up in.

new bed

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