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Pencil eater.

I am aghast.

An artist’s dog should know that there are many things you may chew but pencils, pencils are utterly unforgivable.

What were you thinking Bonnie?

Still I found a new one to draw about it tonight.

My pencil

Play thing.

I think the cat’s bored, he’s playing with Bonnie’s head again.

cat vs dog


One of our chicks has discovered if she flies (yes she can fly) up on top of her house, she can squeeze through the hole in the chicken wire and off to freedom. I have never moved as quick as I did today to beat the dog up the garden to catch her.


When your latest dye job takes a bit better than you imagined it would. Move over Marge Simpson…


Good morning.

Nothing like being woken up by the cat having a spit-wash on your bed.


The sea here, no greys just sheer iridescence amongst a sea of parasols and beautiful bodies.


Such a chorus like I’ve never heard before!

Ice cream.

The flavours, the size of them, it’s simply rude not to eat them!

Piccola Lucertola.

Swim hats.

Everyone has to wear little coloured swim hats in the pool.

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