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Dragon’s breath.

Softest touch, curling away on the breeze. Bring me luck.

How to train a house dragon.

This takes a lot of careful research, jaffa cakes and an awareness of other creatures that may take exception to your dragon (eg. cat,dog, chicken, teddy bear).

Imagine a dragon.

Yes imagine a dragon, just a little one. One that could fit most perfectly around the top of your shoulders.
One that only you can see.
This little dragon can tell you to do all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally do but as the dragon made you do it, it makes it ok.

Oh and just for your benefit you can all see it tonight, (apart from me as I’m Mum and Mums don’t get to see dragons).

This little dragon is very lovely and makes sure that all your dreams are nice ones when you fall asleep at night.
They also incinerate Mum’s dinners if they taste horrible.
I haven’t seen Gruff for a while come to think of it, I hope the dragon didn’t get him…
imagine a dragon

Dragon Slayer.

Gruff has abandoned his quest for a steed and has decided to pursue his quest to slay the mighty dragon.
Mighty dragon would rather be left alone to lick his back legs and snooze.
I doubt mighty dragon will breathe fire but a swipe may be coming fair knight’s way…

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