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When your latest dye job takes a bit better than you imagined it would. Move over Marge Simpson…


Good morning.

Nothing like being woken up by the cat having a spit-wash on your bed.

Ice cream.

The flavours, the size of them, it’s simply rude not to eat them!

Piccola Lucertola.

Do you speak cat?

We’ve arrived in Sicily, (minus my clothes as the airline has lost our siitcase but that was yesterday and another drawing).

It is breath taking here and so is the driving…

Lots of cats here too.

Love is cheep.

Evie loves to wander down the garden when she gets home from school. She lets herself into the hen pen and has cuddles with her little brood.
love is cheep

Sun’s out.

sunshine dog

The chicks at four weeks.

They’re noisy little fluff bombs. Not sure whether we have boys or girls yet, enjoying the fluffiness while it lasts.
chicks at 4 weeks

Gone voting.

General election here in the U.K. X marks the spot and Bonnie marks hers.


A girl, a butterfly net and an unwitting cabbage white…
butterfly net

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