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Happy Easter.

Chocolate chickens on the menu for breakfast this morning.

Sticking and gluing.

Well it’s that time of year again. It’s Easter Bonnet Parade time and it’s just Gruff making his hat this year as Evie is making an Easter Egg for her competition.

This year’s creation has involved an awful lot of glue and cotton wool…

Easter cafts 2016

Happy Easter.

More chocolate anyone? Please?

Easter eggs.

Lots of real Easter eggs! Thanks girls!
easter eggs2015

Where did you get that hat?

Gruff’s new to this Easter Bonnet thing so Evie’s been giving him some pointers on how to look cool with a giant chicken on your head.
Oh and by the way, big thanks to our chickens for the generous donations of lovely feathers!

Chicken hat.

It’s finished! Bet the suspense was killing you…
chicken hat

The art of eating chocolate.

To all fellow lovers of chocolate there need be no excuse to indulge in a nibble or three of your favourite chocolates.

Easter Sunday means that Mammy has to step back and silently grind her teeth while her ravenous offspring devour their bodyweight in chocolate.

But they have surpassed themselves this year indeed and have displayed three most distinct ways of snaffling their Easter eggs.

We have the hamster, cram as much into your mouth as physically possible while making horrendous gasps for breath every ten seconds.

easter eggs

Then we have the ambitious all in one technique, doomed to fail as mouth has yet to catch up with ambitious plan.

easter eggs

Finally, the multi handed approach, the most dangerous as this technique can keep going all day and can strip an entire family of its chocolate stash.

easter eggs

Easter cat.

The Easter bunny has left Arnie in charge so there’s no chance of chocolate midnight feasts!

easter cat

Easter Bonnet.

Tres cool Evie…

Easter Bonnets.

It’s nearly time for Easter and Evie and I have been decorating her Easter bonnet ready for her school parade tomorrow.

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