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Mother’s Day 2017

Daisies from the garden, drawings of love and hugs and kisses. mothers Day 2017

Spring breezes.

First walk of the year down to Three Cliff’s beach. Warm sun, warm breeze, sparkling sea. Time to thaw out after winter.

Beach spring

Wibbly wobbly toothy peggy.

Evie’s just had another front tooth come out ready for the new one behind it and Gruff has finally discovered his first wobbly tooth. He’s not too impressed that he has to do the work though…

wobbly teeth

Home time buddy.

Home from school to happy purring cat.

Tv buddy


Bonnie’s friend Mollie has come to our house for a weekend mini-break.

We have offered five star entertainment, three children to lick,  cat watching and stunning views of chickens.
I hope she gives us a good review.

Bonnie is working hard as her concierge.

bonnie and Mollie.png

Meme Monday.

Monday’s are dull. I’m going to make memes for you to share each week.  Enjoy.






Growing, growing…gone

Stop growing when I buy you new trousers!


Still life.

All at sea in a beautiful sofa boat.


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