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Wake up.

End of September mornings are tough. Even alarm cat has slunk off to snooze somewhere.


Pokemon battles. The great leveller.


Best. Feeling. Ever.

No school until September.

best feeling ever

Sunscreen fail.

I missed a bit…

sunscreen fail

The last of the puddings.

You know that last bit of pudding? That last bit of strawberry pavlova sitting there on the table?
The one piece that everyone is looking at but is far too polite to ask for. The one that makes everyone pull a face like Christmas is over…

Well tough because whilst we were all yearning, Evie has just leaned over and scoffed it.

last pudding


Millie was sent home from school today. She’s not very well. Arnie is on call as cat nurse.


Sofa pile up.

Sofa pile up


closedGruff has unexpectedly closed. Please restart Gruff. If this does not work please run an overnight re-boot.

Gold, Frankenstein and something else.

It’s nativity time! A wonderful performance by all the children. Da iawn!


Monday-itis has struck once again. One poorly boy with a roaring temperature and a gloriously sunny day outside.


Contemplating putting the washing out.


Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

The wonderful world of tights.

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Still life.

still life


We discovered lots of jellyfish washed up on Three Cliff’s Beach today.
Bonnie thought they were things to be played with and the girls thought they were great.
Gruff is still coming round to the idea of holding one.

Tug of War.

Take the strain…
tug of war

Lucky me.

Woken at seven am with cards, cuddles and a lavender bag. Happy mother’s day.



Falling asleep at the same time as your children.

It’s Friday night! Now where’s the party?
asleep on the job

Figure drawing.

figure drawing

The great escape…

…to the cinema, far away from Daddy’s lurgy.

The nightmare shopping trip before Christmas.

To anyone I bopped with my wrapping paper rolls, sorry.

nightmare before christmas

All the leaves are brown.

Mumbles Monsters.

Tumble Toss.

Gruff has discovered how to tumble toss!

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Roly Poly.

The Web-Cam.

Bonnie can’t quite get her head round the fact that there really is no one in the lap-top…even if they are whistling and calling her name!

More sleeping.

This time in with Bonnie, not that she had much room with Mr sleepy in there.

Bouncy bouncy.

On the bouncy castle!

A Decade.

Of being Married. Wow.

Where did that one go then?

Ah that’ll be the ten years of hormone driven, sleep deprivation.

Well, we’re both older and even uglier, best stick together for everyone else’s sake eh?

The Cannonball Run.

The object of playing Cannonball is to leg it as fast as you can towards the sofa whilst screaming, “Cannonball”.

The more explosive the landing, the better.

Who taught my children this game?

Dressing Up.

Ah they never tire of it and it never ceases to amuse me either. Today’s costume was very inventive!

Changing your child’s nappy in public.

Title says it all really, one big battle waged at four feet off the ground with poo thrown in for good measure. Joyo.

The Big Squeeze.

We’re off camping soon for a while and it’s hard deciding what to pack for five people,  so here’s hoping I got it right this time (and the weather is kind to us).

Pot Belly.

Garden gang.

Well summer is briefly here at long last. Not sure how much of it we’ll get but our vegetables are looking great.
With the kids help, we’ve planted so much this year that I’m in danger of becoming Felicity Kendall with the chickens and the veg patch.
Although she didn’t have kids.
And I don’t do dungarees.
Fair swap really.

Yello Lorry, Green Lorry…

…note to self, do not leave back door open while children are equipped with dumper trucks.

Soft Play.

Yes, soft play. The very word causes palpitations and cold sweats in the most resolute of parents.
Remove your shoes and unleash hell….


for who?

Brownie Girl.

Millie took her Brownie promise today and became a Brownie!

Elizabeth Taylor.



In my defence, she hadn’t eaten ANY dinner….

Question time.

If only I had all the answers!

If only.

Had a day of films with a sick Evie. Have overdosed on Disney, wouldn’t mind a magic carpet though.

Digging for victory…

…for some vegetables, for treasure, for the sheer hell of it. Let’s hope we have some survivors.

Fishy Business.

I can fully understand a child’s urge to jump into a deep green pool full of shimmering goldfish. They don’t imagine the slime and coldness at all. I’m just worrying that I’ll have to fish one of them out!

Evie’s got a gun…

…look out playgroup, she’s armed and dangerous…

Tiddle, taddle, toddle.

Gruff’s not quite walking yet. He’s taking steps here and there but not quite the toddler just yet.
At eighteen months he’s another late walker in our family but it’s not long before I say goodbye to the baby phase forever.

And the little one said…

…shhhh, don’t you know kids sleep really well in tents?
Unfortunately they do wake up early though.

Happy Campers.

Yes very happy campers indeed, no rain, very windy but we all enjoyed.

I’ll give you a few on the spot sketches tonight before I collapse into bed and more tomorrow.

Lady Muck.

Ah they don’t know what they’re missing at Buckingham Palace…

Doctor Who is back on the TV!

I’m sorry, what did you say Millie?

Say aaaaaahhh.

And please remember to close your mouth, Evie.

Teeny Tiny Ants.

No NOT the red ones Evie…

Telling the Time.


On a sunny, warm spring day in Swansea, if you have a garden, then take off your shoes and socks and enjoy the feeling of bare feet and air before the rain comes and spoils it!

Flying kites.

Been in the park today, the girls squabbled happily for hours over the kite. It didn’t fly much as a result.
A lot of running and a lot of crashing!
The poor kite has more sellotape on it now than kite.

A Grassy Adventure.

Nothing like a spot of al fresco crawling, is there Gruff?


Has anyone seen my pencil case? What’s that Evie?
Oh look, another child of mine that likes to colour themselves in…

She sells sea shells.

Evie loves her mermaid dolls. She sometimes squeaks so high I’m sure she’s communicating with dolphins.

Mr Worm.

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I think my children are growing behind my back…

… either that or they’re growing in their sleep and waking up bigger. Or maybe I’m just shrinking all their clothes in the wash, yeah, that’ll be it.


Me and my Shadow.

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Decisions, decisions.

And what will we be today Evie?

I’m sorry…

…for talking incessantly the minute you walk in from work.

I’m sorry for letting Evie and Gruff climb all over the chair while you were balanced precariously on top of it changing the light bulb.

I’m sorry that Evie runs to the toilet the minute you get in so you can’t go and have to wait.

I’m sorry Gruff filled his nappy while I was cooking so you had to change it.

I’m sorry Gruff left all the lego all over the floor for you to fall over and clonk your head.

I’m sorry that I ate all of the Maltesers you hid in the mouldy biscuit barrel.

Oh and I’m sorry the cat’s vomited in your shoe…again

Cup of tea?

Spring is coming!

So we’re out in the garden digging holes and chucking seeds everywhere. Evie’s hoping to grow red sunflowers and Millie has a collection of wildflower seeds in little pots.

I want a new Dolly, Mam.

Now let’s just get one thing straight, I don’t and will not ever Trevor buy my children stuff when they are demanding it.

Evie and Millie have mastered the art of subtly breaking their Mother down until she has unwittingly agreed into buying a herd of ponies or something else she can’t quite remember agreeing on but apparently she said yes to ten weeks ago when they were ill …

I normally get a breakdown of my apparent agreement to buying the said herd of ponies in intricate detail. Maybe they hypnotize me when I’m sleeping…

You have to give Evie credit here for being so flipping bolshy. I win this one, no new Dollies, and no amount of arguing or discussion on the benefits that a new Fairy Dolly will bring to the happiness of our house will change my mind.

Born to be wild…

A bedtime story for everyone!

Not much room in the bed tonight, we had a sell out audience!

Gruff’s hot-wheels.

Fuel provided by big sister.

What’s new pussycat?

Ooooh Gruff’s lunch, that is!

Evie’s Nanas gets a wash.

Yes even poor Nanas (pronounced as in bananas for those who are curious), fell victim to the torrent of vomit from Evie’s night of illness.

Into the washing machine he went for a wee spin.

One small step for a boy.

Gruff took a step yesterday and one again today. The start of becoming a little boy. How fab for him, it’s an exciting time. It’s a worrying time for Evie and her dinosaurs…

A Hard Day in Rain Town.

Tell me when it’s over.

Early Morning.

Gruff wakes early, I can’t complain as he is sleeping through now which is great. Get the kettle on, I need tea.

I’ve gone and Lost it – Part 2 The search continues…

Still haven’t found my wedding ring. I am searching everywhere for it, including; under the sofa, (oh god there are nasty things under here), under the beds, (dustballs to rival tumble weed under here) and other parts of the house that I like to deny exist so therefore do not need cleaning…

Gruff, the creator and destroyer of towers.

Built this post up a bit.
Sorry will stop making silly puns. Just look at the piccie!

Big Sister.

Millie takes her job as big sister very seriously.
Always there to offer a lift when they get tired.

Always there to look after them and make sure they’re ok when Mum can’t get there straight away.

What to wear.

Sunday Night Blues.

I do wonder what has happened to my carefree, happy daughter. Over the course of the last few months she’s become very self aware and quite negative about things.

She’s growing up.

I hope my happy girl comes back soon.


Baby Led Weaning…

..expect mess…and stand well back, especially when using spaghetti…

Land Cruiser.

Oh go on, Evie, play with your brother…

Baby Clinic.

Gruff, time for a weigh in and some vaccinations!

Bonfire night.

Yes it’s that night where we light bonfires, burn the Guy and let off fireworks….in the pouring rain! It is Swansea mind…

Dressing Up.

Late night discord.

I don’t think this needs any words, apart from yes I am a grumpy cow, especially when sleep deprived.

What my seven year old thinks of the Miss World Beauty Contest…

Yes and it isn’t much, take it away Millie…

Feeding the pigeons…

…and the chickens, the ducks, rabbits, geese, ponies, and fish….we fed them all!

Shopping for me.

Let your children decide what to put on you. My lot have decide their Mum is a very classy woman indeed. They know what I like.

Scrambled eggs.

Go and fetch the eggs for me girls….don’t drop them ok?


Tis the season for them…

Shopping in Aldi.

If you have the packing skills of a ninja and a purse as broke as mine, then why not take the kids for a shopping experience at Aldi.

First of all is the wonderful array of tat that you find strangely compelled to buy. Useless? No it’ll be really useful that, erm, collection of scented in soles . Look I can even cut them out to fit my feet!

Oh yes and there’s the fascinating tins in different languages. Want tomatoes? Well tough, you’ve got a tin with a picture of a tomato on and something else…

oh well, chuck it in the trolley, I’m sure no one will notice the difference in the spag boll…

Sunday project.

No Myles, a six foot piece of ply will NOT fit in the car. What’s that? If you go back in and get a saw it will…..ok…..ok…..


I’m still breastfeeding Gruff, he’s now 10 months old.


Aaaaah a lovely picnic in the park on a Saturday afternoon…….

…..perfect for a bit of a……..

Din Dins!

Feeding Time at the zoo…..


Do 7 year old’s rant? Yes they do (as their Dad is master of all ranting in the universe and beyond)…
Take it away Millie, what’s on your mind?

Tenacious Cat.

ARNIE leave the sodding bird feeders alone.

Mornings and afternoons…

In the backseat…

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