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Smell of wonderful.

Let me tell you something.

After twelve weeks, a bag of chips really does smell as good as you’d think it would.

Drown your dinner…

…in ketchup. Yummy, just what my cooking needed.
Who wants food with their ketchup or shall I just provide a straw?

Eating out with three children.

the diner

Pancake day.

Valentines day comes nowhere near as important as pancake day in our house!
Wear them, drown them in lemon juice, roll them up neatly or just cram as many into your mouth as physically possible.
Oh joy!
pancake day

Little dumplings.

We will have to eat them at some point you know…

Messy Eater.

Oh so I need a bib now do I?


Don’t let them get away or the cat will get them…

Finding Treasure.

Get off my bread!


I can presume Gruff enjoyed his tea tonight as he ended up wearing it.

Leaning Tower of Carrots.

He’s not eating his food, but my god there’s art in this boy!

Pizza for tea?

Can we have pizza Mam? Can we?
Can we have pizza for tea?
Mam….can we have pizza?
We can?
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Food in flight.

Things that I have had lobbed at me today:
Tomato, rice, chicken, sausage roll, egg, toast and a beaker.
I hope Gruff prefers eating tomorrow instead of throwing his food at his mother.

Food Fight.

It appears that I’ve become redundant in the feeding arena completely now!

Children and food.

I personally have a belief that the less stressed you are about food, vegetables and fruit, the more likely your children are to eat and try different things. Wonder at my little gastronomicals!!

Din Dins!

Feeding Time at the zoo…..

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