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Fox and hare.

Day twenty seven of Inktober and we’re nearly there. Had fun tonight with taking the line for a walk. Try leaving your pen on the page for as long as you can bare, make your line dance.
fox and hare

Uh oh…

…foxy’s back…spotted this silhouette up the back lane.


Oi! Stop playing with my dog’s toys and no going near my chickens!


Spotted this skinny specimen behind our garage on my evening walk tonight. Oh dear…


Late last night, a fox with wire cutter jaws, chomped it’s way into the chicken run and went on a bloody rampage. Gizmo, our much loved cockerel and another hen died.
At this moment, we have three pitiful hens left.
At this moment we are at war.
Batten down the hatches and hammer everything down.
I’m coming for you foxy wire cutters.


The fox didn’t want to leave much else. Too upset to blog tonight.

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