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Runs with the kitties.

Lovely to see Gruff with his newest playmate outside together chasing grass blades and toy mice.

To think she was unwanted when you see her play with such joy.

Two gentle friends enjoying just being free.


Can’t be shown, won’t be shown. Has to learn it himself. Can’t think who on earth he gets that from.

Driving Mr Daisy.





A cauldron, pumpkins and an African face mask called Bob. Knock if you dare…
halloween 2015

Space hopper.

This space hopper has been outside in the garden for years. I remember Millie playing on it when she was little and as mucky as it looks, its little painted on smile is still, (eerily), cheery looking.
It still bounces (with the right pilot), magnificently.
space hopper

The rocket.

We bought a rocket stomper for the kids, turns out the dog is it’s biggest fan!
stomp rocket

Play nicely.

after school wrestling club

Where’s Gruff?

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