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I was going to write about the afternoon I spent in my greenhouse.

But Bonnie has beaten me with her enormous crater she dug that will fit all of the plants I’ve been growing in one go.

The first strawberry of 2015…

…from our garden and cut into five pieces. Tasty for all of a brief second.
first strawberry of 2015

The waiting game.

From green to orange to red. My mouth’s watering thinking about it.


Pumpkin patch kid.

Gruff’s been helping me put our little pumpkin seedlings into bigger pots tonight. We’re hoping to have a sprawling pumpkin patch in our garden Like Hagrid’s garden in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
pumpkin patch kid

Sowing seeds.

We’ve spent the day in our garden, sowing various trays with lots of different seeds, some for us and some for the bees.
I wonder if more of us tried to grow things from seed would we be less inclined to want to see things chopped down or polluted and destroyed?
sowing seeds


The littlest of fingers sow the littlest of seeds.
Let’s see what we get this year.

Mowing the grass.

I need a goat.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Or lack of it.

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Garden gang.

Well summer is briefly here at long last. Not sure how much of it we’ll get but our vegetables are looking great.
With the kids help, we’ve planted so much this year that I’m in danger of becoming Felicity Kendall with the chickens and the veg patch.
Although she didn’t have kids.
And I don’t do dungarees.
Fair swap really.

Spring is coming!

So we’re out in the garden digging holes and chucking seeds everywhere. Evie’s hoping to grow red sunflowers and Millie has a collection of wildflower seeds in little pots.

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