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Little Ghost.

We’ve been pumpkin carving and dress altering today in preparation for the sweetgorge fest that is Halloween tomorrow. Here’s day thirty of Inktober and a little ghost for you.
little ghost


A kitty shaped pumpkin this year as the only pumpkin that grew in our garden was oval shaped!

halloween 2016.png


A cauldron, pumpkins and an African face mask called Bob. Knock if you dare…
halloween 2015


It’s nearly Halloween time and Evie’s narrowed it down to three costumes…
picking out a costume


Evie and Gruff have been making their own spooky stuff this afternoon. They made a coffin out of a toilet roll for a wine cork Dracula. Frankenstein was “created” out of an old tampon box and an army of multicoloured wool pom pom spiders have made Arnie’s day.
Now to find the dog and cat under all this …

Having a mum as an illustrator at Halloween.

Hahahahahaha I have face paints, let me at them!
halloween millie 2014

Decisions, decisions…

…witch or vampire princess? Oh the indecision.
decisions decisions

Two vampires and super pumpkin boy.

Add a tonne of sweets, an afternoon of spooky cookie icing and face painting and we have some very happy children.
I’m itching to brush their teeth though….


Look out, here they come.
An assortment of tiny face painted gremlins, coming to eat your sweets and cakes.
Knocking at your door, drooling at the prospect of more teeth rotting goodness.

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