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Ice cream.

The flavours, the size of them, it’s simply rude not to eat them!

Hit the decks.

If you can put the deck chair up yourself you can sit in it….well that one backfired didn’t it?


Things to do on holiday. Part two.

Use up all of the kitchen foil and glue and become a very shiny robot.
robot girl

Things to do on holiday. Part one.

Make wings and spend all day attempting to fly off various high points in the house whilst terrifying your parents…
little wings

A prickly visitor.

How cute are baby hedgehogs? Not fluffy but so very, very cute!


Swimming with the fishes.

Swimming in a freshwater lake in your shorts and t-shirt. Because you can not because your daughter dared you to…


Better bring the dog in…


Pond dipping.


Gone camping.

The next great Stevens camping adventure begins..


Postcards from Port Eynon.

Sorry signal is rubbish so I’ve prepared some drawings of our stay for the next three nights.


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