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Day twenty two of Inktober
horse and princess

Ponies on the loose.

Well I certainly didn’t think I’d be walking down a main road with two escaped ponies when I woke up this morning. Shame, there’s a lot of abandoning of these pitiful creatures at the moment. This mother and foal have been reported to the local horse pound, (yes Swansea has a horse pound).
I got them to a local park where at least they were safe.
wandering horses

Swansea Horses.

A fair few people own horses in Swansea. It’s not unusual to see a horse tethered in the middle of a roundabout or in a park, happily munching the grass.
I have even seen a pregnant mare one day and the next, with a new foal.
They’re extremely tough animals and are often seen galloping down our road ridden bareback by a young boy or two (or even more).
As much as a lot of them aren’t too well looked after it would not be the same if these animals weren’t here.

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