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Thoughts while holding a washing basket.

1. Where’s my peg basket?

2. Who put tissues in their pocket?

3. That tree looks beautiful.

4. I’m tired.

5. Are star shorts appropriate?


Heavy basket of washing. I’m taking you all with me if I go.


I fought the tree…

…and this year, (thanks to new super strength garden loppers), I won!

I fought the tree


We’ve just got back from two weeks away and that means two weeks worth of washing to catch up on, what fun….
wash a geddon

It’s not going to end well…

I cant stand going back for something if I think I can carry it, even if it’s too heavy or awkward. It was all going really well until I got stuck in the doorway and my washing exploded.
show off

Contemplating putting the washing out.


Heavy load.

double load

Tug of war.

tug of war

Pick your battles wisely…

…do you know I am a ninja with a broom little boy?
pick your battles wisely

Brace, brace, brace.



I think therefore

Ad infinitum.

Oh look more washing. What fun.
ad infinitum

Hello my old friend.

Glad to see Arnie, our cat, not so glad to bring back sackfuls of washing.
did you miss me

Dishwasher Kerplunk.

Drat, foiled again. Will have to resort to dishwasher tetris
dishwasher kerplunk

Good drying weather.

Good job too, got a few more loads to go.
good drying weather

I think, therefore I wash…

…or Cogito ergo lavo.

Nope, still doesn’t make it any more interesting.




Another load.

joys of washing

Mop around the clock.

A mopping montage….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Washing Mountain.

Oh goody, another load of washing…..


What, I have to empty it too?

Adventures in Hoovering (continued)

This is another recent addition, the hoover is now seen as the enemy, to be defeated at all costs…

Mc Skivvy.

They pay people to do this in MacDonalds, they go round sweeping up cold chips and bits of nugget mixed in with whatever else gets dropped on the floor. Little dustpans and brushes on long sticks so you don’t have to bend down.
I got myself one with a pretty pattern on. It was a weak moment and I had my guard down and I bought into the shop’s subliminal message that all household objects have to have a pretty pattern on it.
Maybe someone’s vain attempt to make such a mundane and soul destroying job more aestheticly pleasing. (I would prefer a scene of Dante’s inferno to describe the sentiment I feel when sweeping up mashed boiled egg mixed with peppers and rice and cat hair).

In hiding….

…under the clothes horse, shhhhh….
Can I hide too? From the washing?

Adventures in Hoovering cont…

They actually do this.

Dirty Boy. (My 100th post)!

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