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Do 7 year old’s rant? Yes they do (as their Dad is master of all ranting in the universe and beyond)…
Take it away Millie, what’s on your mind?

Mornings and afternoons…

In the backseat…

Wonder Woman….

And from Dressing Up Box Productions we bring you……

In her satin leggings, fighting for her rights….

Gruff and Drink.

The various forms of drink that my 10 month old enjoys…..

Lovely Bubbly!

Bath time!

Nice hair do’s….

What’s sleep?

Gruff isn’t a brilliant sleeper. He’s waking a lot at the moment.

Maybe more teeth on the way?

He just comes in and we manage to get a little sleep that way.

First Day back at school..

Of course when the weather turns glorious in September it can only mean one thing, school term begins. I can still remember sweating buckets in my pristine winter uniform and my glasses sliding off my nose in 20 degrees of heat in a school hall.

The uniform came out the wardrobe and we trudged down the hill to school. First day as a junior. Evie howled as her big sister skipped happily in. We made it better with a balloon and an afternoon in the paddling pool.

Bank Holiday Mayhem

A sea of wind-breakers, sandwiches and swimming costumes stuffed in Aldi bags, wasps and ice-cream, it’s the great August Bank Holiday!!

Things you will hear on the great August Bank Holiday on the beach:
1. Cheese and Pickle?
3. Ice-cream and tea in the same sentence.
4. I don’t care if there’s sand in it, eat it!

Sundays….at Cwmbwrla Park

There’s a distinctively Autumnal feel in the air today, the leaves are starting t o go brown and September is not far away too. Another wet summer, god I’m melancholy today. I quite like Autumn but I’m not ready for it yet, wouldn’t mind a bit more of summer. Cwmbwrla Park feels even more desolate in weather like this, never mind the glass and empty bottles left behind from last nights teenage piss-up.

Blackpill Lido….

Millions of freezing wet children, ice cream, wasps, brilliant view of the bay. It can only be Blackpill Lido. Brilliant!

The Great Stare Off…

Between Arnie and a dark intruder that happened to swagger down our path this morning.

My daughter is an Ood…

Well if you don’t watch Doctor Who, then you won’t get this one but maybe you’ll understand the sheer ambition and revulsion of a two year old eating noodles…


Food spreader..

What is it with babies and food? They have to throw it as far away from their mouths as humanly possible and then expect you to fetch it back (even if it means peeling it off the person sat at the table next to you).

Sand, sea and chips.

a day without rain is a day down the beach!!!


The curious incident of the daughter and the bamboo……

Oh bugger, we’re out of beer….

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