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Easter Bonnets.

It’s nearly time for Easter and Evie and I have been decorating her Easter bonnet ready for her school parade tomorrow.

Scissors and Glue.

We’ve decide to decorate the house for Halloween this year. There is glitter everywhere.

Arnie and Blondie

This is why Arnie leaves our chickens alone. Blondie is one of our hens, she’s blonde.

Legs Akimbo!

Went for a follow up smear due to abnormal cells, had to take Evie and Gruff with me….

Not the end of another sketchbook….

…I have been a busy bee. What’s that? Draw some more…ok, got my new sketchbook right here…

Get a Tan!

I am pale skinned..

Waiting at Dyfatty Lights.

Fitting In…

Post pregnancy I’m a little lost without my elastic waistbands…it’s strange,

all the fashion has changed, where have I been?


Tis the season for them…

Shopping in Aldi.

If you have the packing skills of a ninja and a purse as broke as mine, then why not take the kids for a shopping experience at Aldi.

First of all is the wonderful array of tat that you find strangely compelled to buy. Useless? No it’ll be really useful that, erm, collection of scented in soles . Look I can even cut them out to fit my feet!

Oh yes and there’s the fascinating tins in different languages. Want tomatoes? Well tough, you’ve got a tin with a picture of a tomato on and something else…

oh well, chuck it in the trolley, I’m sure no one will notice the difference in the spag boll…

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