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Aaaaah a lovely picnic in the park on a Saturday afternoon…….

…..perfect for a bit of a……..

Tenacious Cat.

ARNIE leave the sodding bird feeders alone.

Mornings and afternoons…

Autumn’s here.

The long walk there and back again.

Oh look, what a surprise its raining again. I suppose being small makes it worse as you’re closer to the puddles. I think the best place is inside the pram under the rain covers. Its ok for Millie, she get’s dropped off at school, its Evie and I that have to climb back up the hill and get both sides wet! Oh well, the thought of tea and toast keeps us going…..

Horsey horsey…

Horsey horsey don’t you stop. Up the road you go, clippity clop.

Holding all the traffic up and pooping on the ground….

Giddy up ! You’re homeward bound.

( hope your rider makes it without a saddle).

Clase horse.

NO not class, Clase as in place!


Wednesday morning in the car.

Too Much to Do…

I really must

1. Cut the grass

2. Hang the washing out.

3. Take the kids somewhere

4. Put name tags on Millie’s school clothes

5. Wash the cat

6. Iron the hoover

7. Put milk in the car

8. @*/*’:!

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