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Mother’s Day

I am mam.
Made by tiny fingers and hearts of love.
Sobs of sleeplessness and sicky shoulders.
Mountains of washing, crayons and food on the floor.
I am mam.
And they made me.

Happy Mothers Day and caption competition winner.

This year I have been deluged with drawings, a chocolate spoon stirrer and a lovely cook book full of cake recipes for me to make.

I have also been deluged with so many witty captions it has been very hard to choose but choose I must. you are my lucky winner with your caption, “My Mummy says there’s a difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘thinking’ – but they look the same to me.”

Please email me your address and I shall pop a book in the post straight away!

A big, big thank you to everyone who entered, please keep those witty comments coming as they are always appreciated and maybe I shall have to make this a regular feature. Perhaps I will give away a drawing  next time, what do you think?

Happy Mothers Day, tomorrow I’ll be back to drawing, I promise.

mothers day 2014

Lucky me.

Woken at seven am with cards, cuddles and a lavender bag. Happy mother’s day.



Lost in space.

One to ponder for Mother’s Day tomorrow…

lost in space

Mother’s Day Ice Creams.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Doodlemum Day.

It’s Mother’s Day and the girls have outdone themselves this year. I have had tea made for me and been told that I am 28 and a half years old.
What more can a 37 year old mum of three wish for? Happy days.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mams.

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