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Think I scared him, I know I scared myself!

Sun Cream.

Slick ’em up kids…

The Shopping Waddle.

Take the strain, don’t waddle, dont waddle.
You’re waddling Ang, there you go, waddling back to the car like a penguin.

Washing Mountain.

Oh goody, another load of washing…..


Mirror, mirror….

…on the wall.
Who the flippin’ ‘eck is that?
Is that me?


Millie wakes up every morning with her hair in one enormous knot.
I have decided to name the knot Gertrude.
Gertrude was particularly stubborn this morning, but we saw her off with some persistent brushing.

Monday Morning Mantra.

My lot are resistant to normal persuasion and need a heightened form of communication on a Monday morning.
Here is a translation of my screeching before school.
It’s slowed down so you can understand it.
Speeded up, it sounds like high pitched wailing and shrieking.


I have been out for a night out with Myles.
I have drunk Rioja and brandy.
Let’s hope that 6am call from Gruff is mercifully put back till 7am.
Hic. Smashing.

A Day off.

The Grandparents have got Evie and Gruff today.
And what did I do?
I went and had a tooth pulled out at the dentist.
Nice one Ang, you know how to give yourself a good time.

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