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A sea of sharks…

…lies beneath!
sea of sharks

Opposites attract.


God it’s gloomy today. Grey, damp and drizzly.
It’s a wonder that all children born in Swansea aren’t equipped with webbed feet and gills.
Maybe I should blame the politicians, the bankers or some media twit for the lack of sun.
Ah shut up Ang, you’re rambling again, throw the dog’s ball before she dissolves into that puddle she’s standing in.


This is my 500th post!


And it wasn’t me…

Telling the Time.

Flying kites.

Been in the park today, the girls squabbled happily for hours over the kite. It didn’t fly much as a result.
A lot of running and a lot of crashing!
The poor kite has more sellotape on it now than kite.

The Green Man of Clyne Gardens.

Why have I missed this before? I’ve been there often enough!
He was there yesterday in all his green topped glory.

And here is the real thing:

Wispering Willow.

In the park, just coming into leaf now.
It’s starting to whisper in the wind.
The girls like running through it’s long branches, twirling themselves around them.

Please don’t drop me…

A good day in the park, fed squirrels, got muddy and didn’t drop the pram in the fast flowing stream.

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