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Master builders.

Gruff asked if I would play Lego with him tonight, so we built a retirement home for super-heros, (who have various limbs missing. Some even have no heads).
We built a dining room, one bed and a wall made out of Tardis bits.
They have a carpet and one mug to share their Lego tea.
Bet you don’t see that on Big Brother eh?
lego builders


No one will find me here, I am the hide and seek genius…
hide and seek and being very quiet

Space trousers.

Nasa have got it all wrong, all you need to go into space is a decent pair of space trousers…
space trousers

Snakes and ladders.

Oh dear. It’s too much for Gruff, he fell down a snake. Losing is never fun but it’s very hard work when you’re five years old.
snakes and ladders

A sea of sharks…

…lies beneath!
sea of sharks

I don’t want to play any more.

i dont want to p lay

Zip wire.

I screamed so much when I tried this my own children won’t let me back on now…

zip wire

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