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Test Card.

Doodlemum is having a hormonal meltdown. Normal service will be resumed soon.

Monster Mammy.

God I’ve got bad PMT this month. Feel like poo and my children have chocolate Easter eggs….I don’t think I can stop myself, someone get me some chocolate NOOOOOOOOW….

A Frumpy Bumpy day.

That’s Myles’s description of PMT. It normally provokes a she-wolf type response from me.



It’s the word that no one wants to admit they’ve got isn’t it?
Myles calls it a “frumpy bumpy day”. He says it from ten feet away so I can’t hit him…
I can’t be arsed today, I’m grumpy and I’ve got a cold sore coming and the cream isn’t working on the bloody thing.
Drink tea, eat chocolate, film on, leave me alone. Lovely.

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