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…about what to draw tonight.
Considering I’ve spent all day drawing this may take some time.


I have been out for a night out with Myles.
I have drunk Rioja and brandy.
Let’s hope that 6am call from Gruff is mercifully put back till 7am.
Hic. Smashing.

The Helmet.

Gruff’s got a new helmet. It’s brilliant.

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Growth Spurt.

They all woke up looking bigger this morning…how did that happen?

Get Dressed for Battle.

It’s hard work dressing you know…

Spot the Ball.

Goodbye 2011.

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and we’re seeing in the next one with good friends.
Let’s hope the next year brings more fun, laughs and sword fights.
Best wishes to you all.

Get Her.

Of course all the presents that Father Christmas has brought are no match for a good old cushion burial.

A Winter’s Swim.

Our winter’s walk on the beach was cut prematurely short today by Evie’s side step into a wave.
Telling the surfer that it’s a bit cold for a swim was a good come back though…


Oh bliss.

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