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Chuck it in the…

Today is over. That is all. Oh and it rained.

Good morning rain.

What’s it like to run up and down the garden in your pyjamas Mammy?


rain girl

Better bring the dog in…


Someone to watch the raindrops with.


Happy monday.

the school splodge

Back to the grindstone.

Slow to wake, slow to eat breakfast and even slower to get to school. What fun.
back to the grindstone

Rain Faces.

Your average rain face would look like something of a grimace with tiny squinty eyes so not much rain could get in.
It would not be a happy bunny face.
It would be a very unhappy bunny face.
A very wet, unhappy bunny face with a grimace and tiny, squinty eyes.


If you think that umbrealls are there to keep you dry, you are quite wrong.
If you think umbrealls are swords to swipe at the rain, lifts to see Mary Poppins and alien laser defenders then come and join us!

New Ball.

Better be worth it Bonnie, it’s minging out here tonight.

Sports Day 2012.

It’s over.

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