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A good book.

It’s autumn, it’s lashing down with rain outside. Curl up with a good book and get lost somewhere.

A book, a cat and a story.

Both Millie and Evie read to themselves these days, Evie is following her sister and sneaks up to her room on a regular basis to borrow and replace her books.
I am read to by Gruff these days, I have insisted that I get to read a story too so we both benefit, (and the cat does too of course).
reading boy

Romans go home.

Evie has a set of story books based in Roman times. I think they’re quite realistic. She says she loves reading them. As long as I don’t get any requests for a pet lion I’ll be happy…




Story time.

Gruff reads one and then I get a turn…eventually…


Story time.

This is a tricky business these days as everyone wants a go at reading the story!
story bedtime

Read me a story.

Millie insisted that Evie read to her tonight. I’ve never seen Evie look so delighted!
I remember Millie reading her a story as a newborn baby and her eyes would open wide as Millie started her story.
read me a story

A morning story.

Found them both cwtched in bed this morning with Evie reading a story to Gruff.
reading together

What no story?

Evie’s mastering silent reading much to the annoyance of Gruff!
silent reading

A story shared…

…is a story loved and remembered for always.
Read to your kids, it’s bloody great!
Happy world book day.
worldbook day 2014

Post cards from London.

I’ve had a day trip to London to attend the House of Lords to help Save the Children and Beanstalk launch their new campaign to get more children reading. It’s been a fantastic day meeting lots of amazing people and a tiring one.
Anyhow, here’s some silly postcards of me pootling about with pigeons and maps.

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Please read me a big story…

Ok then. But is reading it from a very big book cheating?
a very big story

A good book in the garden.

a good book in the garden

Learning to read.

and quite enjoying it.

Book worms.

Evie has just brought home her first ever learn to read book.

Go to bed with a story.

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