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Shoe Shopping with your children.

Things you will hear yourself saying when shoe shopping with your children:

  1. She’s grown again? I’ll have to buy new shoes, oh right. (That would have been because of the blazing, hot, Welsh summer we’ve just had that made my children grow two shoe sizes then).
  2. No you can’t have the spider-man shoes with the flashing lights and the toy doll, the whistle (and kitchen sink) attached.
  3. I’ve  got all day and you’re not leaving the shop until we pick a pair!
  4. No you can’t have the flashing pink, furry, sparkly, shoes with the toy, the survival kit and the genuine real live gerbil attached.
  5. I do not need shoe polish
  6. I do not need insoles.
  7. I do not need spray stuff.

The Shoe Box.

I’m sure Za za Gabor never has this issue with finding matching pairs of shoes…

Getting all the school ones ready. Is it really September already?

I’ve  enjoyed this summer, quite different to last year. Oh well, here’s to another term of walking to school, head-lice and homework.

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