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Chuck it in the…

Today is over. That is all. Oh and it rained.

The nightmare shopping trip before Christmas.

To anyone I bopped with my wrapping paper rolls, sorry.

nightmare before christmas

Birthday girl…

Has gone shopping, sketching and more shopping.


The Shopping Waddle.

Take the strain, don’t waddle, dont waddle.
You’re waddling Ang, there you go, waddling back to the car like a penguin.

Dew dew Dildo!

Well what would you think two adults would do on a day off without the kids….go and snigger at the stuff in Anne Summers of course.

Shopping for me.

Let your children decide what to put on you. My lot have decide their Mum is a very classy woman indeed. They know what I like.

Fitting In…

Post pregnancy I’m a little lost without my elastic waistbands…it’s strange,

all the fashion has changed, where have I been?

Shopping in Aldi.

If you have the packing skills of a ninja and a purse as broke as mine, then why not take the kids for a shopping experience at Aldi.

First of all is the wonderful array of tat that you find strangely compelled to buy. Useless? No it’ll be really useful that, erm, collection of scented in soles . Look I can even cut them out to fit my feet!

Oh yes and there’s the fascinating tins in different languages. Want tomatoes? Well tough, you’ve got a tin with a picture of a tomato on and something else…

oh well, chuck it in the trolley, I’m sure no one will notice the difference in the spag boll…

Shopping…click on the post to enlarge…

Oh look more rain, oh yes that would be because it’s summer. Maybe the sun will try and come soon….

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