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sistersdoing it

Cheer up!

You may be feeling under the weather Evie but here’s Gruff to cheer you up with his super noisy zombie killing ultimate lego machine!
cheer up

The whole picture.

whole picture

Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

Drown your dinner…

…in ketchup. Yummy, just what my cooking needed.
Who wants food with their ketchup or shall I just provide a straw?


This isn’t going to end well is it?
not going to end well

Play nicely.

play nicely

See you later.

Miss you already.
being ill

Big fish…

…and little fish.
Don’t worry Gruff, you’ll get a badge soon too. Keep trying.
big fish

Book worms.

Sometimes a book is best shared.
Book worms

Who started it…

…and who finished it?

That, indeed, is the question.


Mars and Venus.

mars and venus

Little sisters.


…dancing to some music on the radio.
They didn’t need a reason, they just felt like it.

Distant Shores.

Can you hear the sea?

The Wanderer Returns.

Big sister Millie is back, with lots to say…

































…but battery power is running low! Ah well, her fans are happy to see her.

Missing You.

Big sister Millie is away for an adventure weekend with her school.

I have two lost little souls at home.

She’ll be back tomorrow and normal chaos can resume.

Fear of Flying.

You’ll get over it Evie, I’ll tell Gruff not to push next time…


Big sister’s are the best….when they’re in a tolerant mood!

Ousted again.

Not to labour a point or anything but she could be reading “How to watch paint dry” and they’d still listen….

All by myself.

It’s a lonely old business when your sisters go back to school after half term.

Blondes have more fun.

Blondes have more fun.
Don’t they Barbie?


Oh bliss.

There are cracks in your face….

Auntie Lizzie has come to visit and Evie, as normal, is on form with her observations….


A bedtime story for everyone!

Not much room in the bed tonight, we had a sell out audience!

Gruff’s hot-wheels.

Fuel provided by big sister.

Messy Business.

Gruff’s covered in yoghurt, Evie’s left a mountain of dressing up clothes on the floor and Millie is sculpting something enormous with paper.

I guess they’re happy…

A quick Safari before tea.

The TV stayed off after school tonight.
Sometimes you’ve got to wrench yourself away from the norm to find more exciting things to do. I believe the kids succeeded, they were a bit late for tea though.

Big Sister.

Millie takes her job as big sister very seriously.
Always there to offer a lift when they get tired.

Always there to look after them and make sure they’re ok when Mum can’t get there straight away.

Land Cruiser.

Oh go on, Evie, play with your brother…


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